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REVIEW: Ilario Bugatti T57SC Atalante (SN57523) 1937

The next model is a first for us under review at  If you haven’t heard of the brand Ilario or the genius behind these scale model replicas, Ilario Chiera you now will.  Since the early eighties Ilario has been producing, high-end, hand assembled examples that primarily focus on early 20th-century classic cars.  This era produced some of the most Continue Reading...
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Ilario New Mercedes-Benz 500K 1935 / Top Up & Down

Something new has arrived from Ilario, the classy 1:43 Mercedes-Benz 500K 1935 sn123696 Cabriolet Saoutchik Top Down and Mercedes-Benz 500K 1935 sn123696 Cabriolet Saoutchik Top Up.  Exterior colour is found in Black/Grey.  These are high-end replicas, hand built and hand painted.   Each is limited to 100 and 50 pieces respectively.  Price is 188 Euro each.  Both are in stock, Continue Reading...
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Welcome Ilario, Model Cars for Collectors

If you haven’t heard about Ilario you have now. Welcome our latest sponsor to the family of companies.  They are a French-based company from La Balme de Sillingy, France.  At the helm, owner and fabricator Ilario Chiera.  With 30 plus years of experience, the team is producing some of the best scale replicas on the planet today.  The assortment Continue Reading...
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Ilario Talbot-Lago T26 Grand Sport Coupé Saoutchik

One of the best in the business at high-end, resin-sealed replicas is back with a new addition to their assortment.  This one is called the Talbot-Lago T26 Grand Sport Coupé Saoutchik 1948 (sn110101).  Blue and Green/Brown exterior will be offered, each is limited to 60 pieces. Product# TBD...
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Ilario New Bugatti T57SC 1937 Atalante sn57562

The masters of scale resin are back to introduce their latest offering, the 1:18 Bugatti T57SC 1937 Atalante (sn57562) Original & Current version. This beauty is limited to only 50 pieces worldwide. You authorities of classic cars, what is the significance or meaning of “Original & Current version”? Product# IL1813...
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Ilario New Bugatti T57SC Atalante (sn57523) 1937

Two in one week!  The scale model gods are upon us!!  The second stunner from Ilario is just around the corner from hitting shelves.  We present the 1:18, resin, Bugatti T57SC Atalante (sn57523) 1937.  This highly detailed piece needs to be considered some of the best in the business.  Pricing isn’t cheap, we expect a suggested retail north of 500+ Continue Reading...
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