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Mark43 Toyota Corolla Levin

Mark43 is rolling out the 1:43 Toyota Corolla Levin and variants.  These three models are currently under review for final approval, hopefully, we’ll see them on shelves in late July.  The model itself is manufactured in resin with sealed-body design. Product# TBD...
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Mark43 Nissan Laurel Medarist Club S

From our friends @ Mark43 comes the Nissan Laurel Medarist Club S.  Two version will be offered in a slew of colours.  Variant with custom fitted wheels and regular OEM edition.  See below for complete assortment.  Models are expected in August.  Each will set up back about $128 CND. Variation / Custom version (custom wheel fitted car) PM43103SGR Dark Green Continue Reading...
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Mark43 New Nissan 180SX Type II

New from Mark43 is the Nissan 180SX Type II.  It also seems this version is fitted with a type of aftermarket wheel.  Four colours will be issued, they include Dark Grey, Super Black, Velvet Blue and Blue Silver.  This one will arrive sometime this coming July. Product# PM43104CGM / PM43104CBK / PM43104CBL / PM43104CS...
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Mark43 New February Announcements

A couple of new models are coming from Mark43 come August 2019.  We have the Nissan Skyline 2000 RS-X Turbo C (kdr30) and Toyota Cresta GT Twin Turbo (GX71).  Each will feature a number of colours and different wheel sets.  Each piece will set you back approximately $125CND.  Please contact Mark43 or dealer for more information. Product# TBD...
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Mark43 Toyota Supra (A70) & Variants

Fans of Japanese car culture may like the latest from Mark43.  We have the Toyota Supra (A70) 2.5 GT Twin Turbo Limited, the GT Twin Turbo R and the GT Twin Turbo Custom.  Exterior colour options include Black, White and Dark Green.  Contact Mark43 or dealer for more information. Product# Pm43111w  / Pm43111bk  / Pm43111rgr / Pm43111rw / Pm43111rbk / Continue Reading...
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New Projects Mark43

A couple of new projects are shown below in pre-production form from Mark43. The first is the Subaru LeVorg D type, we love the design and Light Blue exterior colour.  The second comes in the classic form of the Toyota Supra A70 in Black. Product# TBD...
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