How To Adjust the Wheel Offset: Kyosho BMW e46 CSL M3 •

How To Adjust the Wheel Offset: Kyosho BMW e46 CSL M3

Kyosho BMW E46 M3 CSL

Tools & Supplies:
Rubber Tubing
Exacto Knife
Machine Screws (4-5mm longer than the original) x 2

A foreword, the “How To” section of is intended as an instructional resource on how to perform these modifications at home. or the person or persons involved in making this instructional do it yourself guide are not responsible for any damages or loss that may occur. Please know your limits, if you’re not 100% comfortable in performing some of these tasks we ask that you seek help from a professional. Good luck!


The above photo illustrates the completed modification of the wheel offset. With patience and a little time you can achieve the same results. A list of required tools and supplies can be found above.

The first step is to remove the BMW logo/centre cap found on the wheel. I used the exacto knife by carefully inserting on an angle and pushing up. CAUTION: Be very careful here as some people claim this piece is not glued in place, but in my case it was. To much pressure can result in a damaged logo/centre cap!  Now remove the small screw directly behind the hole exposed in the centre of the wheel.

Now you need to create the spacer, which is used to achieve the desired offset. I cut a piece of rubber tubing as noted above. I played around with different width sizes, and eventually found the size that I believed was right fit. You can play around with different widths until you achieve your desired look. Now place the newly created spacer through the rear wheel spindle as shown below.

Now you need to mount the rim back on the car. The only problem is the original set screws are too short! You will need to find longer screws, roughly 4-5mm longer than the original. I found replacements in my junk pile of parts, but if you cannot find anything that will work try your local hobby shop or hardware store.


Repeat the process for the opposite side.

That’s it! Newly modified offset wheels. Much better, no?