Boris Zheliazkov - April 2021 •

Boris Zheliazkov – April 2021

Tell us what this hobby means to you? 14 questions answered by you, Boris Zheliazkov from Sofia, Bulgaria.

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1) What first got you collecting diecast? How long have you been collecting? What is your total model count as of today?

I’ve always been fascinated by cars. since my earliest memories I love how they look, sound and smell. I was around 3 when my parents gave me an old 1:64 Matchbox Midnight Magic (made in Bulgaria) (I’m adding a pic) and I can remember even sleeping with this model under my pillow. And then a bully in my kindergarten throw it in the garbage truck and it was lost forever. 2 years after that my mother returned from a workshop in London, carrying another matchbox – a beautiful blue Aston Martin DB7. I was amazed by its looks (and it’s still preserved with original paint). After those two models, it was clear that I’m highly interested in cars. the scale just grew a bit in the late 90s with a lot of Bburago kits like the black and gold Lancia S4. my first 1:18 model was again Bburago, this time Ferrari 250 GTO. Back then it was quite detailed (at least in my eyes) and helped me understand how a car works and what’s the purpose of different components like steering column, suspension or drive shaft. Also at this time games such as Colin McRae Rally and NFS 2 SE developed my love for cars even more. In the 21st century I slowly started looking for better and better models, I discovered brands like AutoArt, UT, ERTL etc. as for today I have 282 models in 1:18 scale and something like 400 in total (a lot of 24s, few 43s, and different presents in 1:72, 1:64 and so on).

2) What was your first diecast or memory?

My very first diecast was Bulgarian Matchbox Midnight Magic, my first 1:18 was Bburago Ferrari 250 GTO.

3) What is your favourite scale, and why?

Easily 1:18, because you can hold it with both hands and admire its shape and details, and also looks better on the shelves.

4) What are some of your favourite models to date? Did you share any photos with us?

As every model has its own story it may sound like a cliche but I love them all.   A few of them stand out like the Kyosho Rolls Royce Phantom, ERTL Aston Martin DBS, Kyosho Ferrari 365GTB Daytona and CMC Mercedes W25.

5) Is there a model that has eluded you, a holy grail of sorts?

Yes, Bauer Bugatti Royale Coupe de Ville.

6) What is your favourite brand/manufacturer, and why?

That’s a tricky question. I can say Bburago, for starting my passion, or Norev for making good models for a decent price.

7) Describe your current theme and what your overall goal is?

It’s difficult to set a theme, some of my friends collect only Ferrari or fire engines, but I can’t. My collection is quite wide and it spans from London Taxi to Auto Union record car from the 30s, from ECTO 1 to McLaren P1, from GT by Citroen to Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV…  My goal is 500+

8) Do you display your collection? If yes, how?

Yes.  Right now they sit on open shelves.  I’m thinking about covering them with glass.

9) Do you have any other hobbies, passions or addictions?

Video Games (9 consoles and a gaming PC), music and concerts (160 already), motorsports, books, football and last but not least beer.

10) What do you think about the diecast hobby as it stands today?

It become too expensive, most of the brands are producing mediocre quality models for the price of a real roadworthy Golf MKII.

11) If you could change one thing about the diecast hobby what would that be?

I would like manufacturers to be less greedy and start thinking about the collectors as well.

12) Do you modify cars? If yes, what are some examples?

More than half of my models have some slight modifications. Mostly new exhaust pipes, photoetched grilles, clear paint on turn signal lights, antennas.   I also like to repair models.

13) What does your spouse, partner or significant other think of your hobby and your collection?

At the moment I have no one to share my passion with. Most of my friends like my models, but secretly they think that I’m somewhat mad. But my grandmother absolutely loves them, she’s 82 and when I come home with the box in my hands, she’s more eager than me to see the newest addition.

14) What is your daily driver?

I have two Skodas, MK1 and MKIII Octavia, both petrol.

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    Congratulations. Nice collection, the most important thing is the passion and the reason why the models are collected. Today many colleagues comment on the monetary value of their pieces ….. really that is not important. For me, each piece has a lot of value, it does not matter if they cost more than $ 50.00 usd or less than $ 14.00.
    I started the 1/18 thanks to BBURAGO, made in Italy …. Here in my country (Mexico) they are still the most affordable.

  2. Sac says:

    Excellent…good collection. Thanks for the pics!

  3. Steven Weiner says:

    A great collection. I especially like the realistic outdoor scenes!

  4. Boris says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having my collection here.
    since the interview i’ve got more than 60 new models and now the shelves are a bit overcrowded :) maybe I can send you some updated pics
    stay safe my friends

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