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Jamie Kruspe – August 2021

Tell us what this hobby means to you? 14 questions answered by you, Jamie Kruspe from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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1) What first got you collecting diecast? How long have you been collecting? What is your total model count as of today?

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been obsessed with cars. I was probably 5 or 6 years old when my parents got me my first diecast car, so about 25 years now. Right now I have about 100 models.

2) What was your first diecast or memory?

1:18 Bburago Bugatti EB110. It’s still on the shelf!

3) What is your favourite scale, and why?

1:18 scale. Mostly because it’s the scale that introduced me to the hobby, but I also think it’s just the right size to showcase the details of a model car.

4) What are some of your favourite models to date? Did you share any photos with us?

Yes, I would have to say the Jaguar E-type and Pagani Huayra (the metal one) both by AutoArt. The real cars are amazing, to begin with, but these models are so detailed, yet have such a sturdy feel to them.

5) Is there a model that has eluded you, a holy grail of sorts?

One of my dream models is the CMC Talbot Lago teardrop coupe in blue. One day hopefully it will live on my shelf!

6) What is your favourite brand/manufacturer, and why?

AUTOart, because most of the time the brand has what I look for in a model. Full access, good overall details, and realistic wheels.

7) Describe your current theme and what your overall goal is?

I love all cars as my collection shows, but my main focus is on sports cars and supercars.

8) Do you display your collection? If yes, how?

On IKEA shelves! I am sometimes criticized for not having my models behind glass, but I like to really see and enjoy them. They are cleaned regularly, carefully, and thoroughly, so who cares?!

9) Do you have any other hobbies, passions or addictions?

I also love cycling and playing the violin.

10) What do you think about the diecast hobby as it stands today?

I think it’s great that you can buy a model of basically any car you want these days, but also think that recently they have become far too expensive!

11) If you could change one thing about the diecast hobby what would that be?

Try to lower the prices?

12) Do you modify cars? If yes, what are some examples?

I like to try to improve some of my older, more budget-friendly models by modifying them using parts from damaged models bought online, and other parts from the AUTOart spares website. Most of my Bburago, Maisto, and Hot Wheels models have been modified in some way or another.

13) What does your spouse, partner or significant other think of your hobby and your collection?

Everyone I know thinks I’m insane.

14) What is your daily driver?

2015 Mustang GT for nice weather, 2002 Corolla for bad weather.

4 Responses to "Jamie Kruspe – August 2021"

  1. Sac says:

    Nice pics and good collection…thanks

  2. Steven Weiner says:

    That’s a nice variety of cars you have. I also love the gorgeous rainbow of colors you’ve chosen for your cars, adding a “wow” factor to your display in my opinion! Congratulations, Jamie!

  3. Kristoffer says:

    I also started collecting when I was 5 or 6 years old, I have been collecting for 25 years, and my first car: A blue Bburago Bugatti EB110 in 1:18 (mine was unfortunately damaged and is no longer in my possesion.)

    Really nice collection and hope that you will one day get the Talbot Lago!

  4. Michael says:

    Great looking collection, nice to see another local collector!

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