JP Rossel - December 2020 •

JP Rossel – December 2020

Tell us what this hobby means to you? 14 questions answered by you, Jean-Philippe Rossel from Chernex, Suisse, Switzerland.

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1) What first got you collecting diecast? How long have you been collecting? What is your total model count as of today?

I have been collecting for 25 years, to date around 1300 miniatures.

2) What was your first diecast or memory?

I would have to say my A Sauber F1 model. 

3) What is your favourite scale, and why?

It is definitely 1:43.  For example, the Looksmart brand, the quality of the finish and the general effect.

4) What are some of your favourite models to date? Did you share any photos with us?

Currently, I am looking for RD Marmande, however, falling within the framework of the theme of my collection.

5) Is there a model that has eluded you, a holy grail of sorts?

No, but I’m actively looking for miniatures of some hard-to-find Swiss pilots like Xavier Perrot or Jurg Dubler

6) What is your favourite brand/manufacturer, and why?

To be honest I have to preference.  I collect what I like and fits my theme.

7) Describe your current theme and what your overall goal is?

I collect mainly miniatures representing Swiss drivers and teams, trying in a way to find the history of the Swiss in motorsport.

8) Do you display your collection? If yes, how?

Yes… I do this via my website on the one hand, I am sometimes asked to present part of the collection for an event.

9) Do you have any other hobbies, passions or addictions?

Yes, I focus on family and travel.

10) What do you think about the diecast hobby as it stands today?

Very large choice of miniatures generally available of very good quality.  Price is another thing…

11) If you could change one thing about the diecast hobby what would that be?

Have more time to research…  Brands need to focus more on the research and accuracy of each piece to make it as authentic as possible.

12) Do you modify cars? If yes, what are some examples?

Yes, but only small changes. For example… Changed the decal of a 904 GTS from Scuderia Filipinetti in order to reproduce one that does not exist.

13) What does your spouse, partner or significant other think of your hobby and your collection?

No problems… We each have our interests.

14) What is your daily driver?

Nissan 350 Z and Mercedes-Benz CLA.

8 Responses to "JP Rossel – December 2020"

  1. Toto & Pépé says:

    We like this collection and the bolidothécaire.

    • Vous me faîtes rire les amis…
      Votre collection est impressionnante, un régal :-)
      Elle a sa spécificité qui la rend également unique, comme bien des miniatures qui la forment!
      A tout bientô :-)

  2. Atalante says:

    Impressive collection !

  3. Sac says:

    Very good feature. With a collection of that size, I cannot imagine any scale other than a 1:43 fit. Maybe 1:64? Food for thought.

  4. Thank you…
    We had 4 children who have grown up, I am lucky to now have a room in the house where I can put my windows together.

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