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Korhan Pulatsu – May 2020

Tell us what this hobby means to you? 14 questions answered by you, Korhan Pulatsu from Ankara, Turkey.

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1) What first got you collecting diecast? How long have you been collecting? What is your total model count as of today?

I’ve been collecting since I was 6. The magic started with the “Made in England” Lesney series of the ’70s. Back then it was more like playing than collecting, but I was giving my diecasts the proper value and respect they deserved.  As of today, after 28 years of collecting, I have 168 models and counting (Unfortunately some are lost). 168 is not a big number for a diecast collector, but with limited resources, budget and items that can be found in my country, this number becomes a significant number. 

2) What was your first diecast or memory?

One of my first diecast items is a Matchbox Shunter from the Superfast Made series. I miss the glory of more metal look in those models.

3) What is your favourite scale, and why?

Through time, I collected different scales. I enjoy 1:64 and 1:43 mostly I do also preserve 1:72, 1:24 and 1:18.

4) What are some of your favourite models to date? Did you share any photos with us?

In recent years, I have combined my photography hobby with diecast collecting and decided to catalogue my collection. While working on the catalogue and photoshoots I decided to share them also with the community and created an Instagram page. I share them regularly at www.instagram.com/korhanp57 

Friends often ask me my favourite item in the collection. Although every one of them is my favourite, I happen to have special feelings towards 57 Chevy’s. Therefore, I can never pass a Bel Air in a store.

5) Is there a model that has eluded you, a holy grail of sorts?

There is one very special item I do not own. I find it way above my budget but it is the dream model I would want to own someday: Brooklyn Models 57 Chevy 4-door. So expensive.. one day… :)

6) What is your favourite brand/manufacturer, and why?

When it comes to brands, I have many. Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Cararama, Greenlight, Majorette, Altaya, M2 Machines, Corgi Juniors, Premium X, Bburago, Danbury Mint, Eaglemoss, ERLT, Franklin Mint, IXO, Zee Toys, Maisto, Realtoys, Road Signature, Siku, Summer Auto World and Johnny Lightning.  Lesney era Matchbox would be my favourite of all time.

7) Describe your current theme and what your overall goal is?

When it comes to a decision to buy a new car, I have an inclination towards classic cars and cars that have a history either in time, or some special memory for me.

8) Do you display your collection? If yes, how?

Storage is always an issue. I have always designed my own cabinets and made them built. I wish I had the resources to design a new house, around my collection.

9) Do you have any other hobbies, passions or addictions?

Taking pictures of my diecast treasure. Military airplanes.

10) What do you think about the diecast hobby as it stands today?

Unfortunately, there are a couple of things that I don’t like about this hobby. It gets more expensive every year. And companies like Mattel, have zillion various series and it’s very hard and expensive to keep up with the good ones I desire. Quality and precision get better every release, and there are many forms of art I want to own, especially Hot Wheels.

11) If you could change one thing about the diecast hobby what would that be?

Redesign my house around it!

12) Do you modify cars? If yes, what are some examples?

I do not.

13) What does your spouse, partner or significant other think of your hobby and your collection?

My wife and son are supporting me. With their support at my back even 15 minutes daily time with your models, it makes me be a better man.

14) What is your daily driver?

Opel Corsa!

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  1. Thingz says:

    Admiration to the ones who do not give up their dreamz.
    Keep going.!

  2. Yeğen says:

    Ünlü olduk :)

  3. John Ziegler says:

    Thank you, American cars # 38 GMC Sprint.

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