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Vyacheslav B. – November 2021

Tell us what this hobby means to you? 14 questions answered by you, Vyacheslav Bochkarev from Kaliningrad, Russia.

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1) What first got you collecting diecast? How long have you been collecting? What is your total model count as of today?

I have been collecting this collection for almost 50 years. During this time, I passed the scale: 1-43, 1-36, 1-24 and finally settled on M1-18. The collection now includes 263 M1-18 models and one (Porsche 911-997) M1-12.

2) What was your first diecast or memory?

My first model was an Oldsmobile-Toronado M1-43 from Corgi toys.  It was a die-cast metal model. Since then I have only been collecting cast metal. I am very sorry that I did not keep my first model !!!

3) What is your favourite scale, and why?

My favourite scale is 1-18.  The size of the model at this scale gives a wider range of impressions of the model. (I don’t mean to offend collectors M1-43) M1-18 has one bad point – it takes up a lot of space!

4) What are some of your favourite models to date? Did you share any photos with us?

My favourite model is the M1-12 “Porsche 911 GT3 RS (997) from “AUTOart” In my collection, the “Porsche” models occupy the largest place.

5) Is there a model that has eluded you, a holy grail of sorts?

I really love “Aston Martin” models, but to my regret AA began to make Aston from plastic, and for me, it is almost unacceptable.

6) What is your favourite brand/manufacturer, and why?

My favourite brand was “AUTOart” while it was producing cast metal. They produced well-painted, well-cast and well-assembled models. The prices, however, were quite reasonable. Alas, other times have come…

7) Describe your current theme and what your overall goal is?

My collection consists of models of cars with a body of a coupe, a sports coupe, some supercars. While they will produce real coupes, I will collect.

8) Do you display your collection? If yes, how?

My collection is displayed on bookshelves, they are covered with glass and the models are not dusty at all. We must have clean sea air…

9) Do you have any other hobbies, passions or addictions?

I love Big Orchestra jazz – Count Basie, Badi Rich, vocals by Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra.  I love the Beatles, Elton John…  I love my friends, I love to communicate with them…  I love a lot of things!

10) What do you think about the diecast hobby as it stands today?

To be honest, I do not see good prospects in my hobby (I would like to be mistaken) But all the symptoms point to this: the rise in prices, which are not always adequate to the quality, the predominance of plastic, sealed models… But I want to think that I am mistaken.

11) If you could change one thing about the diecast hobby what would that be?

History has no subjunctive mood…  It is unlikely that I would change anything. Probably, I would not go through my large-scale experiments!

12) Do you modify cars? If yes, what are some examples?

Yes, when I “passed” the scale 1-24 (25), I could change the wheels to “Burago”, modify the car for the rally… But that was so long ago…

13) What does your spouse, partner or significant other think of your hobby and your collection?

For 44 years of my life with my beloved wife, I have never heard from her a single, even small, condemnation of my hobby. And I am very grateful for that.

14) What is your daily driver?

We go to the sea and to our grandchildren in a Volkswagen Polo (sedan). Serves us faithfully for 5 years, I’m satisfied. (no money for Aston Martin one-77).

6 Responses to "Vyacheslav B. – November 2021"

  1. George K says:

    Beautiful collection! And, a lot of truth to your views!

  2. Karsten says:

    My congratulations, too. Like my friend George, I share your views. We can be glad to be able and enjoy the treasures we have gathered over decades in the past, whatever the future will bring. All the best to you!

  3. Steven Weiner says:

    A great collection, neatly organized and displayed. I love the variety of cars you have as well as the beautiful rainbow of colors. Congratulations, Vyacheslav!

  4. Atalante says:

    Great collection. I like the selection of models, the variety of colors and that they are very well displayed.

  5. Terrence says:

    I enjoyed seeing your beautiful and well chosen collection.

  6. Aston says:

    Thank you very much colleague collectors for appreciating my humble collection. Thanks to the administration of the forum for their attention to my collection, this attention stimulates a creative impulse in the future. Thank you all and good luck with our great hobby.

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