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LS Collectibles New Dodge Stealth

LS Collectibles is showing off one of their latest projects, the 1:18 Dodge Stealth.  A little bit of American with Japanese influence.  No word on a complete colour palette or release date, however, we suspect a Q4 2019 deliver date. Product# TBD...
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LS Collectibles Deco Sample AMC Pacer

An American classic from the seventies comes to life in 1:18 scale, LS Collectibles brings forward painted samples of the AMC Pacer.  Three colours are featured, Red, Yellow and Silver.  We believe this is a first in 1:18, possibly a first in scale period.  How many are interested in this replica? Product# TBD...
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Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC Lorinser Painted Sample by LS

LS Collectibles gives fans a first look at their painted sample 1:18 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC Lorinser.  We know at least one colour heading into production is Silver, will more come.  We’re not sure.  This is a first for this car in 1:18 scale.  What are your thoughts? Product# LS047C...
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LS Collectibles New Isuzu Impulse

Now, this is something new in scale, LS Collectibles latest adventure the 1:18 Isuzu Impulse. No word on a complete colour palette or official release date, but the initial images do look promising. Thumbs up for a unique specimen, though buyer beware the production pieces are less desirable and lacking most of the time. Product# TBD...
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New Colours Tesla Model S by LS Collectibles

LS Collectibles is issuing new colours from their version of Tesla Model S.  Black, Silver and White will be added to the assortment.  Each comes with Black wheels.  If colour isn’t deal breaker, you can find some exceptional diecast metal with full access examples of this model.  They come highly recommend too! Product# LS028J / LS028H / LS028G...
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LS Collectibles Dodge Shelby Charger

Fans of classic American style pocket rockets will be able to hold another classic in scale soon.  The team is releasing the 1:18 scale version of the Dodge Shelby Charger.  No word on release date or colour list for us to share at this time.  We’ve included a clip from one of our favrorite motoring informational shows, MotoringWeek! Product# LS057...
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