PHOTO GALLERY: Bburago Signature Ferrari SF90 Stradale •

PHOTO GALLERY: Bburago Signature Ferrari SF90 Stradale

At over $500,000 the Ferrari SF90 Stradale is considered the ultimate Ferrari if you can afford one.  The EV hybrid with plug-and-play is definitely not what one would expect from Ferrari and something usually associated with environment-concise efforts like the Toyota Prius or full EV marque Tesla.  One cannot be dismissive, the legendary Ferrari experience is still here with almost 1000 horsepower to spare and with 2.5 seconds 0-100 km sprint it is definitely up to the challenge!

Our original plan was for a full review, but upon receiving the Bburago Signature Ferrari SF90 Stradale we did not witness any major improvement over past efforts.  In short, the bones of the model are really good!  Initial impressions as you unveil the model for the first time are truly encouraging, though that feeling is short-lived once you peel back the layers or should we say investigate what’s under the front/rear hatch and behind the exterior doors.

It’s not that the model is horrible, far from it or not worthy of one’s collection.  The foundation here is truly solid but Bburago continues not to grasp the finer details and is disappointing for a “signature” release.  The positives are the paint, somewhat reminiscent of good old Hot Wheels Elite.  The overall lines and portions are very admirable for a budget-friendly effort.  Even the wheels and supporting cast of the braking elements are more than substantial, well at least for us.

Dear Bburago, we can live with the “dog-leg” hinge work that connects the front and rear access areas, but the lack of perforated grilles or that of the same for cooling bits is where we draw the line, especially for a series that is promoted to elevate the replica and collector experience from their lower priced Race & Play series.  Also, the generic look and feel of the interior continue as vanilla flavour ice cream when it comes to collector expectations.  We need a little spice or chocolate with a twist!

The Bburago Signature Ferrari SF90 Stradale is a satisfactory model based on budget-friend parameters, though we’re for one still looking for the Signature side to wow!  Bburago did get close with their last release the Signature Ferrari SP1, which we believe is the more engaging of the two.

Credit to Bburago for offering metal and plastic models with a full opening option.  However, we’re still struggling to find a satisfactory replacement or at minimum a level of execution on par with the classics from the Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari assortment, and one that can had at a fair price.   Hopefully, these missing elements will be addressed with the Signature + series confirmed by Bburago earlier in 2022.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Giorgio262 says:

    That looks cheap AF.

  2. Hector Gonzalez says:

    Years roll by and its the same story again and again. We keep getting below mediocre toys from Bburago, trying to market poor quality models as their so called ‘Signature’ brand. Apparently they are releasing their ‘Signature plus’ range which will no doubt be packaged a little better and command a higher price! It is not even worth commenting on this company because as long as they hold the Ferrari licence, nothing will ever change. Best to avoid Bburago like the plague as all they ever produce are toys pretending to be scale models. I am sure that any other company would do a far better job than Bburago…namely Norev!

  3. Derek says:

    Does no-one at Ferrari HQ care at all! Hot Wheels Elite took the Ferrari licence by the scruff of the neck and produced a great catalogue of models…damn I miss those days! Bburago are a joke of a company…they really are. No idea why Ferrari are sticking with Bburago, they used to be an Italian company but are now owned by Maisto!

  4. Deezer says:

    We as collectors deserve better than this rubbish from Bburago. For the love of this hobby, I hope and pray that another manufacturer is awarded the licence.

  5. Mark says:

    Look at how many years that Bburago have had the Ferrari licence yet they are going absolutely nowhere with it….hopeless and clueless!

  6. Drifty says:

    I have given up with Bburago as a manufacturer…pointless!

  7. Tuner Lee says:

    Can we all just erase Bburago out of our minds as everything they produce is completely forgettable!

  8. DS Team says:

    It seems there is much anger towards this brand and its management of the Ferrari in scale. Maybe rightly so, and we feel your pain. If the Race & Play is the OPP then the Signature line should excel, it does but gets you about 40% of the way there. We still have hope, that is if the Signature + series get it right. Crossing fingers!

  9. Raul Santos says:

    This model is poor, really poor. Bburago might as well just throw in the towel with Ferrari. Just goes to show that Ferrari do not care at all and are happy with poor quality junk like this.

  10. Danny says:

    I am Italian, I grew up collecting scale models and have never ever purchased a Bburago model and I never will. Here in Italy they have always been and walks will be toys that are very disposable. Not good for Ferrari reputation for them to have Bburago making so called scale models. Pretty funny and sad.

  11. Benzo says:

    Gosh! All this while, I’ve never seen such collective disdain & hate for Bburago but I do understand the exasperation & frustration because I feel the same way too. Yes, the SP1 did give a glimmer of hope when Bburago saw it fit to install telescopic support struts for the front opening cover/lid/hood but that is only evident when you open it up whereas what’s most obvious are those sealed plastic vents & grilles.. Whenever possible, I would try to replace them with proper metal mesh versions but it’s not that simple & straightforward in the case of the SF90’s rear section. It’s quite apparent that Bburago is just plain lazy to implement changes and improvements of that nature although they are aware that those things are what we want & we are prepared to pay a bit more to have them. Flocking or carpeting would be welcome too. If Norev can include it & still sell at a modest and reasonable price, why not Bburago which as we can see, still rely very much on their tried & tested formula of fitting sealed plastic grilles & huge dog leg hinges

    • DS Team says:

      Yes, there is really tactile hatred for this brand. It’s a shame, they have been around longer than most here have been on this planet!

      • Paul says:

        Sorry DS Team, Bburago may have been around longer than all of us, so they should be producing great quality models and excelling compared to their competitors, but they are not. They are a company who excel at producing poor quality and rather shoddy toys that are trying to be scale models. There is a hatred for this brand for a very good reason!

        • DS Team says:

          No need to apologize, BUT Bburago was never a premium brand. And they never said they would replace HWE. Collectors should be targeting Ferrari with the hate mail LOL. We will say Bburago is good for the hobby, just not for those who want a little more refinement…

          • Pete Bellwood says:

            At last! Thank you DS Team. The voice of reason. I’m an elderly collector on a very poor income and simply cannot afford the mid-to-high end models. Shamefully, I believe many who routinely purchase those are sounding spoilt . Those who glibbly talk about their BBR , Almost Real , Autoart, CNC, etc. I would be more than happy and grateful to have a couple of the recent Bburagos. I possess 2 GMP, and 1 ACME. I think they are pretty high-end to me and fantastic . But no, people don’t appear to have a good word for them . Come on. Show some consideration to us lesser mortals, chaps ..

          • vulcan says:

            I feel like they can do a lot better even with staying in budget, for example instead of actually making holes in the vents which may become flimsy ; they can create a two part with radiators having a little bit more groove and the grills to be a little bit clear so that it creates the illusion that the grills are drilled.other than that, the lights could have the white paint that they have been recently applying to the lambos for this year as drl lights that make the lights more releastic. The next step is actually having more colorful interior or something like shinier break calipers to be popping.

  12. Gerald T says:

    Awful, poor, dreadful, bad…how many other words can we use to describe Bburago’s Ferrari licence effort?

  13. Hugo says:

    Bburago and their Ferrari scale models are not a perfect match. We have had nothing even slightly decent from them since they took over the licence many, many years ago. The collectors are the ones that are suffering. Not everyone can afford the high end sealed efforts from BBR. Bburago have put in next to no effort with Ferrari. Really is a complete and utter waste of time!

  14. Arthur says:

    Dear Diecast Society,

    Can you please send the Ferrari product management department in Italy the results of your poll to show them that the majority of scale model collectors want Norev to be awarded the Ferrari licence and we are sick to death of this junk that Bburago are producing and deserve much better!

  15. Atalante says:

    The last time I purchased a Burago was to take advantage of fixed shipping cost on a large order. As soon as I opened the box it was clear this toy it would not stay in my model collection. I sold it quickly. That says it all.

  16. Michael says:

    KK Scale are doing a far better job than Bburago with sealed Ferrari models. Bburago Ferrari models are nothing but toys. Norev should be given the licence, they produce good quality models that are nicely finished and are affordable, which is important.

  17. Speedboy says:

    Is there any point featuring Bburago ‘models’? They really are a hopeless company who are wasting a golden opportunity with the Ferrari licence. I do hope that their Ferrari licence comes to an end…the sooner the better. Here’s to a happy 2023 for all of us scale model collectors. Let’s hope we get some great news that Bburago have lost the Ferrari licence.

    • DS Team says:

      Yes, we believe there is value in their offerings. They may not appeal to those wanting a more refined model, but they continue to sell thousands of pieces and are one of the longest-standing names in the scale model business to date.

  18. Trevor says:

    Sorry to say Diecast Society, I am a big fan of your website but whenever you post anything about Bburago and Ferrari, I do not read it because any Ferrari model that Bburago produce is a waste of time and most of all money!

    • DS Team says:

      Thanks. It won’t stop us from providing news and reviews, there are some who despise Bburago as the comments here will show. But there are many who like and cherish the brand for its efforts and attractive pricing. Based on the history of the website, one is more inclined to post a negative comment than positive one.

  19. Rui C says:

    Bburago should just give up with Ferrari and resign the licence…that would be the best scenario.

  20. Zaki says:

    I understand and share the frustration of many here, but in defence of Bburago, they were one of the first companies to mainstream the hobby. As a child, I loved them, they were more detailed than a typical toy, yet just as sturdy. I think the biggest disappointment is that in the early 80s and into the 90s there was a sense that they tried to do the best job possible with available technology to produce the best affordable model with available technology, while today that ethos is completely missing.
    Does anyone remember that the Bburago Jaguar SS100, first released around 1982, has an actual rack and pinion steering?

  21. James100 says:

    I think it is great that we as die cast enthusiasts are voicing our thoughts on the dreadful effort by Bburago on their Ferrari ‘efforts’. If nothing is said, then nothing will be done. We deserve better than this rubbish that they are producing!

  22. Gerald says:

    I would buy Bburago’s Ferrari models if they were any good but unfortunately they are beyond poor. I would just be wasting my money. Norev would be a great company to take over.

  23. Benjamin says:

    Very sad situation with the dreadful models that Bburago are producing for Ferrari. How I like many others, hope for a good manufacturer to get the licence. The day will come…hopefully very soon.

  24. Drifty says:

    Simple equation:

    Bburago Ferrari models = Rubbish!

  25. Josh says:

    How I long for the return of Ferrari models from Hot Wheels Elite…those were the days of great quality and nicely detailed models. Now we have throw away toys from Bburago…GREAT!

  26. Tommaso says:

    Bburago = Rubbish

  27. Enzo says:

    Bburago is no good company, they make toy, not make model cars. Ferrari should be embarrass to have Bburago make models for them. This is a toy company, not model company. Very bad news for collecting people. Model company is Autocrat, Norev, BBR, KK Scale companies.

  28. Archie 7 says:

    Anyone who tries to defend Bburago is having a laugh. I have never seen such poor quality trash than what Bburago is producing for Ferrari. Let’s just think about this for a second shall we. Ferrari, arguably the most recognised and most famous super car manufacturer in the world, famous for its vast catalogue of classic and super cars has Bburago as its official licensed manufacturer producing its scale models…what an absolute joke! Norev would do a stellar job like Hot Wheels did many years ago given the chance. AUTOart, KK Scale…even Ottomobile. I have had enough of the trash being produced by Bburago, they are a joke. I do not have a single Bburago toy in my collection, if you buy a Bburago, you may as well just go and throw your money in the trash or down the drain!

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