REVIEW: Car.tima Porsche 911 S/T Specification •

REVIEW: Car.tima Porsche 911 S/T Specification

Words and photos courtesy of Sean Phillips


This is a 1:18 scale Porsche 911 S/T “Specification “ in Viper Green. It’s from a brand called Cartima, a German scale model retailer which had this model made exclusively, though the box has no mention of an actual manufacturer. The model is, of course, sealed resin and includes a nice display case and a base with matching green stitching and each model is individually numbered out of 100 pieces.

The display case is very nice, similar to Sparks. Have to wonder if including a display case is a way to justify a higher price point for sealed models.

The packaging is simple but looks great with a giant 911 logo with a cleverly designed “S/T” integrated into it:

Here are some various shots and just to note, I did not want to remove it from the base just yet as the screws are under the felt of the base and I didn’t want to deal with that.
The model proportions and curves look accurate and the door shut-lines are typical of resin models, that is I’d like them if they were painted black to be more pronounced, but that’s fixable if I wanted to attempt it. The paint is top-notch, no defects I can see at all. The windows are nice, but suffering from your typical resin model issue in that they are popping out slightly in some spots, but that can be remedied. The windows are also multilayered with a separate “chrome” trim piece around them rather than just painted on, this is a nice detail that gives it a more realistic look as opposed to just having a single slap of plastic for the windows.

The side profile showcases that classic 911 silhouette. There is an unusual bulge sticking out of the side skirts on both sides, don’t know if this is intentional or what but it is a little distracting once you see it!

The tires are nicely detailed with Pirelli Cinturato P7 branding and even a tire size as well. I can’t say for sure these are period-correct tires, but I believe they are popular for use on classic 911s today as you can still buy these and they are available in the super wide size needed on the S/T and RSR models.

The interior looks great overall (pardon the internet pictures, I was having a hell of a time trying to get photos of my own that captured the details) and the plastic parts such as the dash and steering wheel are textured rather than smooth plastic like you see in many resin models. I can’t tell if the floormats/carpets are flocked or just textured plastic, but either way, it looks good for something hard to even see in a sealed model.

The seats are Recaro branded with nice stripe pattern inserts and have fabric material seat belts which attach to a harness bar in the rear.

Overall, I really like this model, better than many Spark 911s I would say, which cost about the same or more. Of course, we all want opening diecast models, but for a sealed model, this one is highly detailed and appears to have been produced with more care than many other brands I have seen. This is the first attempt at a 911 S/T that I am aware of in 1:18 scale… well, not exactly. Things get interesting when you start to look closely.

This model does not appear to replicate a genuine 1970-71 911 S/T despite it being called that. However, I believe that is why the model is called “Specification”, referring to a custom 911 inspired by the S/T or built to S/T spec. It is very close, to be fair, but not enough to say Cartima was attempting to make an S/T in the first place. It’s possible that Cartima’s goal was to create a custom model made exclusively for them, to celebrate their brand, and for that, they would have succeeded in making an interesting, unique model.

So how is this not an S/T?

Firstly, the colour is Viper Green (it says so on the base so we can’t pretend it’s not), a colour not offered in 1971, Viper was introduced in 1973 with the Carrera RS. The true period colour should have been Conda Green, very similar to Viper but slightly darker and very slightly more yellow. Here is a picture of a genuine 1971 911 S/T (chassis # 9111301251), built by Porsche and painted in Conda Green next to the Viper Green model. Of course, we have to note the difference in lighting, these pictures aren’t going to represent the colour difference accurately.

It’s very similar to the scale model at a glance, even has the Fuchs wheels all around which was not common on the real cars, given that Fuchs weren’t wide enough for the tires at the time most S/Ts were built. The real cars were more or less “parts bin” cars with varying parts being used across the cars, such as the side mirror, so I can’t say the model is not accurate there as there are real cars with rectangular mirrors as well as round ones. The model’s wheels also seem a little large compared to the original even though the tires on the model say 15”.

The front bumper is not correct, some vent cutouts are missing and the shape is wrong, especially at the bottom end. Also, incorrect placement of hood straps:

The rear “Porsche” decal mimics the later ’73 Carrera RS, which it shouldn’t. Here is the model next to the real car. Other than that and some additional engine cover latches on the model, the rear looks okay to me:

Here is a side-by-side of the seats. Both Recaro but otherwise almost entirely different seats…. in fact, I have never seen these Recaro seats from the model before, let alone in a 911. I looked all over to see what these seats are and found nothing matching, so maybe the stuck a Recaro sticker on generic seats?

Otherwise, the interior looks okay as I mentioned earlier, with nice detail and textures. The steering wheel looks like it’s from a Porsche 914/6 but I did find a real S/T with the same wheel. Again, the real cars were all over the place with parts usage so you’ll see many different parts on the real cars.

Just for the sake of argument, there are real-world S/T replicas in Viper Green that match the model more closely, one was owned by auto journalist Chris Harris (chassis #9111121479). Notice the rear “Porsche” decal, it matches the model rather than the real car.

Here is another 911 S/T replica car based on a 1972 911 T painted in Viper Green. What’s interesting is that this appears to be a very faithful re-creation of a genuine S/T except for the colour. Suppose that is nit-picking because the two colours are so similar that not even the biggest Porsche fanatic on the planet will be able to tell you which is which just by looking at it. I know I am hung up on the colour, but Cartima could have just called the model Conda Green on the base, a period-correct colour, and I would not even be talking about it.

So, I think it is safe to say the model is meant to be a custom 911 with an S/T look to it. Is this all just me overthinking it? Yes, probably. My first reaction was that I would not be okay with a “fake” 911 in my collection, but the more I look at it the more I like it, in fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s one of my favourite sealed models in my collection. You really can’t go wrong with a classic 911 and it’s a great-quality display piece with more detail than a lot of other sealed models I have seen.

Still, it is a head-scratcher model since I think seeing a genuine S/T would have been better for Porsche collectors and it’s a little strange that Cartima made this rather than try to replicate an S/T accurately. This model was probably intended for German collectors familiar with the Cartima brand but I still appreciate a cool 911 when I see one and clearly a lot of care and effort went into this model. It’s a nice oddity in my collection!

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  1. DS Team says:

    This car is beautiful on so many levels. Nice to see someone taking it on in scale. Thank you for allowing us to share it here.

  2. Frank Grosshans says:

    Perhaps this following article explains the fact that it is not a “pure” ST. ;-)

    Sorry, but I have attached the original article from a german model car magazine ;-)

    Cartima “only” made a color variant of Walter Röhrl’s “original model”!

  3. Rolf Majaranta says:

    Excellent review, pity that it‘s not the real ST, thanks for the research.

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