PHOTO GALLERY: CMC Alfa Romeo P3 Nuvolari, Winner... •

PHOTO GALLERY: CMC Alfa Romeo P3 Nuvolari, Winner…


In the golden era of motorsports, the 1932 Italian Grand Prix stands out as a defining moment, showcasing the prowess of both man and machine. At the heart of this historic event was the iconic Alfa Romeo P3, driven by the legendary Tazio Nuvolari, who piloted car #8 to a resounding victory that etched his name into the annals of racing history.  The Alfa Romeo P3 was a masterpiece of engineering, conceived by Vittorio Jano, the brilliant mind behind some of Alfa Romeo’s most successful racing cars. The P3 was renowned for its cutting-edge design, featuring a supercharged eight-cylinder engine and a lightweight chassis that provided exceptional handling. It was a true thoroughbred on the racetrack, perfectly suited for the demands of the Grand Prix circuit.

Held at the iconic Monza circuit on September 11, 1932, the Italian Grand Prix was a battleground for some of the most celebrated drivers of the time. Tazio Nuvolari, already a rising star in the racing world, took the wheel of the Alfa Romeo P3 #8, determined to make a mark on his home turf.  From the starting grid, Nuvolari demonstrated his extraordinary skill, pushing the Alfa Romeo P3 to its limits. The competition was fierce, with formidable opponents vying for the coveted victory. However, Nuvolari’s strategic brilliance and fearless driving allowed him to carve through the field, steadily gaining ground.

As the race unfolded, the Alfa Romeo P3’s powerful engine roared, echoing through the iconic Monza corners. Nuvolari’s precision and daring maneuvers left spectators in awe as he navigated the circuit with unparalleled finesse.  In a climax that would be remembered for generations, Tazio Nuvolari crossed the finish line in the Alfa Romeo P3 #8, securing a triumphant victory at the 1932 Italian Grand Prix. The crowd erupted in jubilation, recognizing the brilliance of both man and machine. Nuvolari’s achievement solidified his status as one of the greatest drivers in the history of motorsports.

The 1932 Italian Grand Prix marked a pivotal moment in the legacy of Alfa Romeo and Tazio Nuvolari. The Alfa Romeo P3 Nuvolari’s victory remains a symbol of excellence, a testament to the synergy between man and machine in the pursuit of speed and glory. Today, the echoes of that historic race continue to reverberate through the pages of motorsports history, immortalizing the Alfa Romeo P3 Nuvolari as an enduring icon of racing prowess.


As I find myself penning down these words, I am truly captivated by the extraordinary feats that CMC achieves on a grand scale. The meticulous details and exquisite craftsmanship captured in the photographs merely hint at the profound depth of their work. Going beyond the ordinary, CMC invites enthusiasts to embark on a journey beneath the surface, allowing them to dismantle not just the wheels but also various panels from the undercarriage, offering a unique exploration into the very DNA that defines CMC— a rare offering that sets them apart from almost every other brand.

Admittedly, I refrained from attempting this operation due to the constraints of time and aging eyes. Yet, CMC generously provides instructions for those eager to dive into this adventure. Let me forewarn you, though, the instructions may be of a basic nature, but the potential rewards are anything but ordinary.

For those whose hearts beat in rhythm with the pulse of this racing era, the CMC replica of the Alfa Romeo P3 Nuvolari, Winner is not merely an acquisition; it is a necessity. Consider it a perfect Christmas gift for yourself, a token that transcends the material and resonates with the passion that fuels your soul. It’s imperative to communicate this to your partner or extended family; let them in on the secret of the perfect gift that encapsulates the essence of your deepest automotive desires. Revel in the joy that these images bring, for they are but a glimpse of the unparalleled marvel that awaits.

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  1. Karsten says:

    What a festive masterpiece to enjoy – both the model and your words !
    Enjoy your seasonal gift!

  2. Estève says:

    A real jewel ! I own the #2 version and love it, CMC has done an amazing job !

  3. George K says:

    I have this car, the number 8 Nuvolari car. This is an absolute work of art, and is a prime example of real model-making.

  4. Juju says:

    Absolutely fabulous. Probably the most extraordinary CMC since the Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage. Staggering, I literally fell in love with it.

  5. Jelle says:

    Lovely car and review!
    Got their 250 GTO one month ago, their models are a joy to explore.

  6. George K says:

    When I die, I want to be shrunk down to 1/18 scale and buried behind the steering wheel of this.
    Don’t laugh. The government knows how to do this. Ever see the old movie “Fantastic Voyage “??

    • DS Team says:

      OMG, one of the funniest things to read in the comments in years!

    • Karsten says:

      There once was a guy in Africa who wanted to be buried behind the wheel of his Mercedes (a real car, that is) … and was granted that wish. What a way to rest!
      In fact, after cremation a model car might really be a burial option to lay your ashes to rest. Thanks for the idea!

    • Jelle says:

      Is the movie any good? Just a few weeks ago I saw the movie “Downsizing” with Matt Damon, where people are scaled down to 1/14. You’d be happy to have the leather seats, I guess.

  7. Codalunga says:

    Fantastic Model !!

    Now the Alfa Bimotore Scuderia Ferrari next please !

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