PHOTO GALLERY: Spark Dealer Edition Porsche 919 Street •

PHOTO GALLERY: Spark Dealer Edition Porsche 919 Street

The Porsche 919 is an extraordinary feat in the world of motorsport, celebrated for its remarkable blend of cutting-edge technology and racing prowess. This sports prototype racing car reflects Porsche’s enduring commitment to innovation and performance excellence. With its hybrid powertrain, featuring a turbocharged V4 engine and electric motor, the 919 demonstrates Porsche’s dedication to sustainable racing solutions. Its impressive track record, including victories at prestigious events like the 24 Hours of Le Mans, has firmly established the 919 as an iconic symbol of endurance racing achievement, embodying Porsche’s unwavering pursuit of excellence on the race track.

This model represents the same but is noted as the Porsche 919 Street car.  The example is made by Spark, which is resin and static.  Also, a limited number, only 919 will be offered by Porsche Germany, though I did acquire this example via a Canadian Porsche dealer.  Price with tax just north of $400 CND.  As for the model, excellent work on the paint, wheels and some of the smaller details that make this 919.  In comparison to immediate competition, this Spark piece excels over the likes of GT Spirit and OttOmobile  It isn’t perfect, I found a small scratch on the upper back section.  Someone wasn’t too careful in the production process!  The interior side is solid offering up some unique detailing of the cockpit.

Not shown in the slew of images, each car will ship with a Black base which highlights the name and production number that you receive.  As a Porsche fan, this unique piece was a must, especially since I’m a massive fan of quote-unquote presentation cars.  This one fills the bill and then some!  And from a collectibility standpoint, this replica definitely offers some weight too.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. HENRY CHEN says:

    What a model indeed. This is a dealer edition, so it is expensive. I hope Spark will produce and sell a hobby edition of this car which traditionally would be cheaper I supposed.

  2. Ian Ramsay says:

    This is a model of a model . This car only ever existed as a 1/1 scale clay model , so I can’t get too excited about it When they release ( in reality & thereafter ) a model of the all electric Mission X , that I would go for . I saw the mock-up , and it is stunning .

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