PHOTO GALLERY: LCD Models Pagani Zonda Barchetta (CB) •

PHOTO GALLERY: LCD Models Pagani Zonda Barchetta (CB)

Following up on our January review of the LCD Models Pagani Zonda Barchetta, we’ve now got our hands on the same model, this time in a stunning Carbon Blue exterior. In our humble opinion, this is the must-have exterior trim. If you want to delve into all the intricate details, you can find our full in-depth review here.

Much has been said about LCD’s ability to deliver models without major issues, and the one we have here is indeed a close-to-flawless example. However, as avid collectors are aware, quality control hiccups can affect even the most prestigious brands, and this Pagani Zonda Barchetta, particularly in the Purple exterior option and to a lesser extent in the Carbon Blue variant we’re discussing, hasn’t been entirely immune to these challenges.

There really should be no excuse for any manufacturer, especially at the ever-increasing prices in this hobby, not to present a model that’s bare of QC issues. If you’ve been part of the hobby long enough, you’ve likely encountered the QC bug at some point; it’s almost inevitable. Some brands excel in this department more than others, as has been our experience. Given that the Pagani Zonda Barchetta is a more complex model, with a multitude of components, imagine the meticulousness required in counting, measuring, and fitting each piece. It’s not surprising that this complexity might elevate the likelihood of encountering an issue or two.

Now, turning our attention back to the model itself, in short, the LCD Pagani Zonda Barchetta in Carbon Blue is nothing short of brilliant, in our assessment. It offers a deeply satisfying blend of intricate details and functional moving parts that truly breathe life into the car. Of course, it’s not without its imperfections, as some might nitpick about the carbon fibre orientation or overall accuracy, but that’s perfectly acceptable.

When compared to the BBR equivalent in static form, LCD clearly emerges as the winner in our book. The ability to transform the car into its open state, revealing the marvellous machinery beneath the bonnet, encapsulates the essence of what this hobby is truly about. The added features, such as accessible compartments in the rear and interior sides, elevate the experience even further. If you haven’t added one to your collection yet, we wholeheartedly recommend doing so. We’re eagerly anticipating what LCD can achieve with their upcoming full-access Pagani Utopia model.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. HENRY CHEN says:

    Yes, I definitely agree with you. Mine is flawless too, and this particular model by LCD is truly brilliant. I am excited about the future releases of this model maker. I hope those models will at least equal the intricacies and level of realism of this model. Cheers to LCD!

  2. karsten says:

    I was nervous about the quality, but mine too arrived here 2 months ago without issues. Definitely one of the best models and quickly sold out. There will be stiff competion in our this year´s Models of the Year Awards …

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