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BBR Confirms 1:43 Ferrari SF-75 G.P Bahrain 2022

Ferrari is definitely competitive this year, and the new look and regulations have made the 2022 edition cars true lookers.  BBR confirms the 1:43 Ferrari SF-75 G.P Bahrain 2022 cars by Leclerc (winner) and Sainz – production for each is limited to 750 and 300 pieces.  No official word on the release date, but BBR claims the R&D here will Continue Reading...
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GreenLight New Toms Offroad, Roaming Wolves

Budget brand GreenLight is back with another spin on the classic Bronco mould, new is the 1:18 Toms Offroad, Roaming Wolves – 1969 Ford Bronco #141 Rebelle Rally.  The model features a diecast metal exterior and opening doors.  This example is set to arrive in October 2022.  Suggested retail $69.99 US. Product# 19131...
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MR Painted Sample Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4!

The second-generation Lamborghini Countach may not be everyone’s cup of tea in terms 0f living up to the predecessor but we sure like it!  MR Collection is showing off their first painted sample of the White exterior aka Bianco Siderale – other colours to come to include Red and Yellow.  What are your thoughts? Product# LAMBO052A – LAMBO052V...
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Online Hobby Show Continues – RWB 993 Silver

The master of the Porsche canvas, Akira Nakai is positioned next to one of his creations, likely pondering his next moves or cigarette lite!  This set, in 1:18 scale from Ignition Model, marks their 5th entry into the online show exclusives!  We like it! Product# IG2719 ...
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GP Replicas New 1:43 Entries!

A couple of static 1:43 examples of classic F1 race cars are currently in production, they include Ferrari F92A 1992 #27, driver Jean Alesi and Ferrari 126 C2 1982, driver Jules Villeneuve cars. Product# GP43-08A / GP43-09A...
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