REVIEW: Model Car Group 1973 Ford Capri (MK1) RS 2600 •

REVIEW: Model Car Group 1973 Ford Capri (MK1) RS 2600

The Ford Capri is a true icon. The Capri was produced for nearly two decades (1968-1986) and was very successful for Ford. The MK1 Capri was produced until the end of 1974. The RS 2600 was the top-of-the-line model at the time, powered by a 2.6L V6 producing nearly 150HP.

Now, onto the model, which in my opinion for the price is very good. Model Car Group is a company which offers sealed diecast models at very reasonable prices. It is unfortunate that they are sealed, however, the lower price point and other benefits help make up for it.

I opted for the white/blue colour combo instead of the orange/black version which is also available (which also looks very nice). The paintwork on my example is quite nice. I didn’t notice any flaws in the paint. I have no complaints in this regard. It is a very solid paint job.

The body itself seems accurate when I compared it to pictures of the actual car. The headlights, taillights and fog lights are very nicely executed. The front grille is not perforated, however, the texture is deep enough that it can appear perforated on display.

The iconic 4-spoke alloy wheels are well-replicated and the lug nuts are also well-defined. The brake rotor and caliper are visible, however, not much to comment on here. The tires do not have any writing, however, the tread looks like something I would expect from the era. Unfortunately, Model Car Group’s models do not feature steerable wheels.

Being a sealed model, the interior is very difficult to see in detail, and even more difficult to photograph. The interior is recreated in all black, (from what I can see) the results are quite good.

Overall, I am extremely happy with this model. With a retail price of approximately 65 Euros, I think this is a great model at the price point. I really don’t have any real complaints. It is a faithful replica of a true icon.

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    Thanks for sharing! Not a bad piece for the price!!

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