REVIEW: OttOmobile Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI Tommi Makinen •

REVIEW: OttOmobile Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI Tommi Makinen

During my childhood, I followed World Rally racing very closely. I was fascinated at how drivers managed to keep their cars on the road while pushing them sideways through corners on various road surfaces. Flying at high speeds through narrow streets, taking turns with the help of a hand brake, and narrowly avoiding trees and spectators definitely give me an adrenaline rush. In the 1990s a Finnish driver by the name of Tommi Makinen won four consecutive world rally championships with Mitsubishi. To celebrate this achievement, Mitsubishi decided to make a special edition of their Lancer Evo VI calling it the “Tommi Makinen” edition. Dressed in red Ralliart livery, redesigned front bumper and white rally rims, it definitely looks apart. OttOmobile has been kind enough to reproduce for us a replica of this icon in 1:18th scale. I am happy to tell you, I was able to attain one and will put it under a microscope.

OttOmobile (Otto Models) produces models in limited numbers, crafted in resin with no opening parts. This gem, the 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI Tommi Makinen edition in passion red is offered in a limited run of only 4000 pieces. Since most of us will not be able to see one in real life, this scale model seems like a no-brainer if you would like to be able to enjoy it up close and personal. Let’s take it out for a closer look.

Ottomobile packages all their models the same way – an outer box, with an inner styrofoam shell to protect the model inside. The model is then wrapped in scratch-proof paper and protected inside a clear bag. This packaging works, but I do find the styrofoam a little too soft as small pieces may break off – gentle unboxing operation is required to avoid small styrofoam particles flying all over the place. It is worth mentioning that their models are very reasonably priced and are on the budget end of resin models available today. One of the nice little perks that Ottomobile gives you is the inclusion of an extra emblem, just in case you ever need a spare.

My first impression of the model is good – one thing you notice is the weight of the model. I find OttOmobile models have a good weight to them, which is comparable to models made of die-cast metal. That is a plus for collectors who like models with a good weight to them. The overall paint has a nice shine and the decals have been well applied. The overall specs and overall appearance of this model are both very rewarding.

At the front, I am pleased to say there are perforated grilles which add to the appearance. This is something more expensive resin model manufacturers still omit today, so kudos to Ottomobile for adding this nice little detail. The front bumper is accurately replicated, with a round air opening and license plate on one side, and the vertical opening on the other side. The visible radiator through the perforated mesh on the lower section of the bumper is well done, and the headlights are nicely replicated too. I cannot find anything to complain about from the front. The hood is replicated correctly with two massive vents in the middle, which also have perforated mesh. There is one more scoop on one side, which is again accurate. Even the decals extend to the hood as they do on the original. Very well done!

Moving onto the side, I have to admit this spec looks spectacular. In the past, OttO was not always the best on-side window application, but this one is spot on. The fit of all windows is better than expected with nothing to fault. I appreciate all the decal work and continuous black trim underneath the side windows (just as it is on the real car). Accurate black door handles and orange turning signals made from separate plastic bits complete the look. Everything looks spot on to me, from the widened arches around the wheels, the side of the front bumper, to the Ralliart decal. Door shut lines are spot on with just about the perfect depth – not all resin manufacturers can replicate the depth correctly. Again, well done Ottomobile!

Moving onto the rims, they look very sharp painted in white. Valve stems are present and Ralliart decals were not forgotten. Red Brembo calipers look good, however, the rotors could use a little more refinement. Tire thread is present, however, tire branding is not. I think tire branding would have enhanced the overall tire look.

The back of the model is as good as the front. Four cutouts in the rear bumper are correct, as are the Ralliart decals. Lancer and Evolution Tommi Makinen badging reminds you this is not the ordinary Lancer. Moving onto the exhaust – it has good depth and a splash of black paint on the inside is a nice touch. The top of the rear spoiler is painted white which is correct, and the bottom portion carries the right amount of curve. A rear window wiper and window defogger complete the package. My only complaint here is the license plate, which is not perfectly centred, and the Mitsubishi logo is a tad to the right as well. Other than that, everything looks spot on.

Inside, you are greeted with mostly black with a little splash of red. As this is a resin model with a closed-body shell, you will have to go really close to take a look inside. Doing so, you will notice Recaro seats with their middle section decorated in red and added T. Makinen decals. The silver middle portion on the steering wheel completes the splash of colour – this is all correct to the original. The only thing missing is the orange stitching on the gear lever.

To sum things up, l think this model is very well done. Other than a couple of things such as the non-central position of the rear license place and Mitsubishi badge which is most likely exclusive to my sample, there is nothing else to fault. This is a huge win for OttOmobile! This model would display really well beside other rally cars available of this time period – I know it will for me. This OttOmobile Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI Tommi Makinen Edition is highly recommended!

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  1. DS Team says:

    Hey Luk, thanks for sharing another great review. This release will help those that want a scale representation of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI Tommi Makinen without the massive price tag.

    PS, tire branding is definitely a nice to have, but based on price point something likely never to find on OttOmobile models.

  2. Kostas says:

    Thank you Luk for your very nice review of the Otto Evo VI T.M. I also have it and I totally agree with you, it is a very well made model car by Otto standards and a very beautiful one. I checked my Evo and the Mitsubishi badge is a dead center, so this is obviously a random thing as you said.

    The Mitsubishi Evo VI T.M. edition is obviously a legend and when this model car was announced I had no second thoughts and I preordered it. Beautiful, well made and a VFM model. I placed it alongside my Autoart Subaru Impreza 22B and they make a great pair.. JDM legends, both gorgeous, same era, same philosophy and a neverending rivalry!

  3. InTheFastLane says:

    Thank you for checking your model Kostas. I also placed the Evo beside my 22B :-)

  4. Miku_4g63 says:

    Hello, Luk. As an avid Mitsubishi EVO fan, I Thank You greatly for your in-depth review of this beautiful model of an iconic EVO. I was on the fence about buying OttOmobile’s release due to already possessing AUTOart’s variant; your review has convinced me to buy one! Need to source a 22B too.

  5. Giorgio262 says:

    I’m not a fan of resin sealed models, but it looks very good. I like to see that they correctly made the side windows curved. It may seem like a silly comment but, too often you can see much more expensive resin models with unrealistic flat side windows. Too bad for the QC fails on your specific model.

  6. VCS says:

    Nice review. I am a fan of Otto´s models, I think I have now +15 and I am still buying some for my collection. In my opinion they are difficult to beat in 1/18 – 1/12 in terms of price per quality. Sometimes you have to pay double the price to buy something a little bit better. The models lines are generally very accurate and the paint and decals are always very very good.

  7. HOLO DRIVER says:

    One of the best Otto releases to date! The boss Nicolas had some local help in Macau to provide a real 1:1 example to run a laser 4D scan of the whole car, thus its shape is much more accurately re-produced as a model car than other car makers.

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