REVIEW: Solido 1:43 Ford Mustang GT500 Fast Track •

REVIEW: Solido 1:43 Ford Mustang GT500 Fast Track

Solido is showing no sign of slowing down with new releases in 1:43 scale, and today I received two models of a popular American muscle car. These are the 2020 Ford Mustangs GT500 Fast Track Edition – one in Performance Blue and the other in Racing Red. Taking a closer look at the models in their boxes, you will notice that both come with white racing stripes running through a middle section on the car – a popular spec. Having said that, let’s free them out of the box and see how they look on a closer inspection.

Solido 1:43 scale models packaging consists of an outer paper sleeve, a black base to which a model is mounted, and a clear case that narrows on the top to allow stacking. The model is attached to the base with one mounting screw. Normally this would not be enough, however, Solido made two mounting points on the base that go into the underbody of the model – please take a look at the pictures attached.

As with all Solidos, these Mustangs are produced in metal with a closed body shell with no opening parts. The side windows are present, a feature that may be important to some collectors. In my opinion, there are pros and cons to both – no side window allows for an easier view of the interior, and on the other hand, side windows do make models look more complete and protect dust from entering inside the model (if you like to display your models outside of the clear case).

Decal and paint application on both models are good – I especially like the metallic flakes on the performance blue. You really have to look up close to see some black paint overspray. These are budget models, so perfection is not expected.

At the front, there are no perforated grilles and carbon fibre is not present. The headlights are separate pieces of clear plastic. The white stripes continue from the hood all the way to the lower section of the bumper. I think the stripe could be a little more realistic, by adding a break where the hood joins the upper section of the bumper. The silver Cobra at the front completes the front. Overall, I think Solido’s execution is good.

Moving onto the rims – both models come with black rims. Rotors and brake calipers are visible and stand out against the black rim. Tire thread is present, branding is not. Under a closer inspection, I see that the tires are either not wide enough or the rims are too wide for the tires. I wish the tire wall would fill out the rim more – on a real car the tire wall sits flush with the rim.  If look closely at the pictures, you will know what I mean.

The side aero skirt package is present, as are the double white stripes on the lower section. And the Cobra logo is present in front of the doors, and side reflectors on the rear bumper have not been forgotten either. Nothing to fault here.

The rear of both models is executed well. Both models come with different wing types. The racing red comes with a flush rear wing and the performance blue comes with a racier higher mounted wing. Solido provided us with a choice, in case you like one over the other. Exhaust tips have nice depth, rear lights are plastic pieces, reflective lights are visible above the exhausts, and the rear window defogger is present too. Two white stripes continue from the trunk to the rear bumper. A “Shelby GT 500” with a “Cobra” logo license plate reminds you this is not a basic Mustang. Another Cobra emblem in between the rear lights completes the package.

The interior is black on black. I would have preferred a lighter interior, but that is a matter of personal choice. With models in 1:43 scale, you really have to look up close to see the interior. This is best done with the help of a magnifying glass.

In conclusion, I think these budget 1:43 scale Solido models are well executed. My only complaint is the tire walls not sitting flush with the rims – I think this could be easily fixed with a wider tire. I think both colours display well, but if I had to choose one, Performance Blue would be my personal pick. Having said that, let’s see what other 1:43 model cars and accompanying specs Solido will bring for us. Happy collecting!

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  1. DS Team says:

    Thanks, Luk for sharing your thoughts! Yes, we are in agreement, the rubber/tire does require adjustment. Each colour looks stellar otherwise, definitely a win for budget-friendly 1:43 fans.

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