REVIEW: Solido 1982 Porsche 935 "Moby Dick" 24hr LeMans #79 •

REVIEW: Solido 1982 Porsche 935 “Moby Dick” 24hr LeMans #79

Porsche is an iconic brand with a racing pedigree, known all around the world. Even in the model collecting market, there seems to be space to add one more Porsche model into one’s collection. Good news, Solido has just released this 1/18th scale replica of the 1982 Porsche 935 Moby Dick 24hr LeMans #79 driven by J. Fitzpatrick and D. Hobbs. The best part – this one will not break your bank account.

In today’s review, I will focus on what this model has to offer for its budget market price. This example is made of die-cast metal with opening doors, and features rolling rubber wheels that are adjustable at the front. Paint (white and 3 different shades of blue) is applied well and consistently throughout which includes black lines to simulate openings for vents. Access to the model is provided through the doors with tight shut lines and panel gaps.

Sponsorship and racing decoration are applied well adding to a good overall impression. One thing to note, the doors use the old-style “dog legs” opening style mechanism which is a surprise to me. The feel of opening and closing doors is not as satisfying as it is on Solido’s Nissan R34 GTR. The front of the Porsche 935 greets us with its wide stance and a non-perforated solid plastic grill. Front lights treatment is fair but the glass cover could have had a better fit. The silver caps on the front hood are done well showing depth and dimension.

Although the engine compartment is sealed, there is some engine replication done on the bottom of the model. I think most collectors will display the model on its wheels, so that part will not be visible. I did take a picture from the bottom for you to see – it is a pressed piece of plastic painted in grey. I think this is on par with the model’s budget price. I can definitely appreciate the detail of all the extra elements right in front of the front window. All the bits are nicely painted in red, silver or black adding to the very positive overall look. Lights on the side front fenders are separate plastic pieces, finished in orange.

Moving onto the back – the long tail and the big wing are replicated nicely, although the solid plastic engine vent cover is again a non-perforated plastic piece. Rear exhausts, taillights and rear fog lights are visible and not forgotten. Wheels are rubber, with Good Year Eagle tire markings in white – a nice touch. The rims are ok – I think these are difficult rims to replicate especially for a budget brand. I do like the BBS branding – the gold spokes are painted on.

Looking inside the model with the doors open, there is a very good amount of detail and colours to look at. Since it is a racing car, the exposed bits are replicated quite well with a shifter that has a black knob, two red fire extinguishers, a roll cage, red seatbelts with buckles (in a form of a decal), orange and red light indicators on the dash, as well as other gauges necessary for the driver. I think opening doors are a great bonus in order to see all those bits and pieces inside.

To conclude, I think overall Solido has created a very nice model for the price and is capturing the market well. They made an affordable piece of racing history for Porsche enthusiasts around the world to enjoy. I cannot wait to see what’s to come from Solido in 2022!

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7 Responses to "REVIEW: Solido 1982 Porsche 935 “Moby Dick” 24hr LeMans #79"

  1. DS Team says:

    Thanks, Luk! This is the best livery to date, our opinion of course of this budget-friendly example of the Porsche 935 “Moby Dick”. You cannot deny, that interior looks really good!

    • Giorgio262 says:

      While it’s a pretty colour combination, in my opinion the Martini is the must have livery for the “Moby Dick”, and infact it’s the one I bought. That said it’s a pretty honest model, with a sufficiently complex interior. I’d say without going crazy one can still add a bit of detail and end up with a very presentable model. A bit of panel lining on the outside will help too. As for the transparent covers for the headlights, they can be removed rather easily and if you paint the edges in black you may find that they look a lot better when you glue them back in place, Just be careful to be very moderate with glue to avoid hazing on the transparent parts.

  2. InTheFastLane says:

    Great idea and tip on the clear headlight covers. Thank you GIORGIO262.

  3. kenney bee says:

    Great for the starters to the hobby

  4. Serg says:

    Solido 935 Moby Dick/936 BREAKED the Spark and TSM market. Let them think.

  5. spikyone says:

    It’s a decent model but unfortunately the rear is not accurate – they’ve used the Martini version’s bodywork that looks like it’s giving birth to a 911. The real car had its tail-lights mounted right at the back, with the engine far more exposed. It only had gurney flaps above the lights, not across the full width, and I think the wheel covers should be flat rather than concave.

    Understandable as it’s a budget model, of course, and for the price it’s hard to be too critical.

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