REVIEW: Solido 1987 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth •

REVIEW: Solido 1987 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth

Another icon and another great choice by Solido! Let me introduce you to the 1987 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth. Ford produced 5545 Sierra Cosworth models and only 500 of them in RS500 guise limited for the UK market, all in right-hand drive, painted in black, white and moonstone blue. White and moonstone blue are my personal favourites and Solido is treating us here with a white one. Those who followed rally racing back in the day will be very familiar with this car and ones that did not may recognize it by the signature rear wing. The design is striking and I am sure you will not miss the visual drama!

As with all Solido models on sale today, this one is packaged in the usual Solido box with see-through plastic on the front, top and both sides. The model is crafted in die-cast with opening doors. Looking at it in the box, I have to admit it looks really good. I don’t think sellers will have any trouble moving this one off the shelf. Without wasting more time, let’s take it out of the box and have a closer look at this gem!

Let me start off with the best part – you will not need to sell your kidney to buy this model. That’s a good thing of course! The white paint is well applied for a model in this price range and the black painted lines on the sides of the car look great too. I do like the RS500 scripts on the front fenders just above the side turning signals. However, I would prefer the side turning signal to be a separate piece of plastic and not just painted on. It is still better painted on than not painted at all. The door handle and keyhole are both painted black, and black outlines around the windows are present. Door shut lines are reasonable for a budget model.

Let’s move on to the back. Do I even have to mention the iconic wing? It is impossible to miss for all the good reasons and has often been replicated by tuners for other cars. To me, the wing screams Ford Cosworth whether it is a Sierra or an Escort. On this model, it is a separate piece which is mounted on and it looks great. The rear window wiper is present and the window defroster is not (just like on the real car). This is definitely a good effort by Solido. The Sierra RS 500 Cosworth label is present on the left and Ford logo on the right. I do like the rear RS 500 license place with the yellow background which I think was a UK colour scheme. Since it was a UK-only car, it is only fair a UK-style license plate is present. Rear lights are true to the original with bulbs simulated very nicely.

Moving onto the rims and tires – the rims are replicated with a budget in mind and if you look close enough you will find discs and rotors. The tire thread is present. However, branding is not.

At the front a tow hook is present. However the grills are not perforated – they are solid pieces of black plastic. Ford blue oval logo and orange turning signals are all the colourful bits at the front. There is nothing to fault Solido for here as the real car looked exactly the same. A splash of colour was not as important as the aero-enhanced bumpers – after all, it is all about going fast! I do wish the hood vents would have some splash of black to simulate vented openings.

Looking inside, I do like the colour of the Recaro seats. They look super cool! I know they are not textured and I wish they were, but the red and black decal rooks really neat. It follows on inside door panels as well. The dashboard is on point and I do love the gear lever. Why you may ask, it is because they have all the gears showing in white – one through five-plus R for reverse. I would also like to mention the blue oval Ford logo and white horn symbol on the steering wheel. I think Solido put some extra effort here and it needs to be pointed out.

To sum things up, l think this one is a winner for Solido. In my opinion, every Ford enthusiast should get one of these – after all, it is such an iconic car. I do hope Solido makes the moonstone blue in the future as I think it is the most talked about colour. Keep your eyes open for more rally versions too. Happy collecting!

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  1. DS Team says:

    Thanks for the review Luk! Nice to see an affordable version of classic become available to the masses. Solido is good for the hobby!

  2. slartibartfast229 says:

    To the best of my knowledge, all RS500’s came with a glass sunroof.
    This road version is based on the earlier group A race model – which did not have them.
    For the price it’s a very decent effort.

  3. Marcus says:

    Firstly thank you to Solido for producing this particularly as I am a HUGE Cosworth fan (AUTOart & Minichamps), overall it is a very fine budget model………..however the scale is completely off, it’s more like 1:16 scale when it’s next to the stunning old school AUTOart non RS500 version. Mine is now mounted on the wall in my car room as a piece of ‘wall art’.

  4. Llewellyn says:

    Wish there was Ford Cortina Mark 4 XR6 available

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