REVIEW: Solido 2018 Dodge Challengers SRT Demon V8 6.2L •

REVIEW: Solido 2018 Dodge Challengers SRT Demon V8 6.2L

Solido is quickly expanding into a crowded 1:43 scale market and today I will review two of their recently released 2018 Dodge Challengers. These bad boys are no ordinary Challengers – let me introduce you to the 2018 Dodge SRT Demon V8 6.2 L wide body Challengers in white (part # S4310303) and octane red (part # S4310304). Every time I see one of these on the road, the first thing I do is open a window to hear it roar and turn my head to make sure I get a good glimpse. You have to hear these to understand there is no replacement for displacement. This is the last call for a proper V8 muscle car, with everything going into electrification including the next-generation Challenger.

Taking a closer look at the models in their boxes, you will notice that both come with black hoods and rims giving them a mean look. Out of the two, the octane red is my personal favourite, although a purple or a green colour example would be my “cherry on the cake”. Let’s free them out of the box and see how they look on a closer inspection.

Solido 1:43 scale model packaging consists of an outer paper sleeve, a black base to which a model is mounted, and a clear case that narrows on the top to allow stacking. Each model is attached to the base with one mounting screw with two mounting points on the base that go into the underbody of the model keeping them safe and free of moving.

As with all Solidos, these Challengers are produced in metal with a closed body shell and no opening parts. Side windows are present, giving them a more premium look. Side windows give a model complete look and protect dust from entering the interior – if you like to display your models outside of their clear cases of course. The nice thing about the inclusion of the clear case on all Solido 1:43 scale models is that you will never have to dust the model and you will be able to stack one on top of the other – a great space saver!

The paint application on both models is good – I especially like the metallic flakes on the octane red. Looking at both models, I think you will be very satisfied with the finish. Even looking at both models up close, I think the finish deserves high marks even though these are budget models. Good job Solido!

At the front, there are no perforated grilles as expected. The headlights are separate pieces of clear plastic; however, one of the two should have an opening to suck air into the air box. I know this would be difficult to replicate in 1:43 scale, but I have to mention it. I think Solido does show that the lens is different, but there is no opening here. The overall shape of the front end is right on point and the SRT badge completes the package. In general, I think Solido’s execution is good.

Moving on to rims and tires – both models come with black rims, which are true to the original. Rotors have some grooves visible and red brake calipers on both examples stand out against the black rim. If you look close enough, you will even notice the SRT logo on the center of the rims. Tire thread is present, but branding is not. I do wish the tire was a little wider and filled out the rim a little more.

Side wide-body fender flares are what make these cars look apart. They look wide and mean, as they should, having the title of an American muscle car. Both orange side reflectors by the front and rear wheels have not been forgotten either. Stance is also good – nothing to fault here.

The rear of both models is executed well. Both come with a black rear spoiler with an SRT badge. Exhaust tips have nice depth, rear lights are plastic pieces with Dodge script in between, reflective lights are visible above the exhausts, and a rear window defogger is present. I do like the choice of a license plate design – it reminds you this is not a basic Challenger but a top-spec SRT Demon!

The interior is black on black with the only splash of colour that I can see on the instrument cluster. With models in 1:43 scale, you have to look up close to see the interior. This is best done with the help of a magnifying glass.

In conclusion, I think these budget 1:43 scale Solido 2018 Dodge SRT Demon V8 6.2L models are well executed at low price point. I think both colours display well, but if I had to choose one, Octane Red would be my personal pick out of the two. If you like American Muscle and collect 1:43 model cars, these are a must. These are sadly the last of the V8s muscle cars on sale with electrification just around the corner. Looking at these models in a few years, I am sure you will appreciate what we once had.

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  1. DS Team says:

    Luk, thanks for the review. It seems Solido definitely wants to play in 1:43 scale! I have one of their Dodge efforts at work, people comment on how cool it is all the time!

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