REVIEW: Solido Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm Nurburgring •

REVIEW: Solido Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm Nurburgring

Today, we are moving on to Italy and another great model from Solido – Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm Nurburgring 1973-2021 edition. The real car is definitely no slouch with a 0-100 km/h time of only 3.9 seconds, and bragging rights to a Nurburgring lap time of only 7 minutes and 32 seconds. I am sure BMW Motorsport and Mercedes AMG divisions took notice. Finally, an Italian four-door monster ensures your family will never be late for an important gathering.

We have seen Ottomobile attempt it (although not the exact spec), but it had the annoying black roof which was supposed to resemble carbon fibre. BBR also produced some for the price of your kidney, so I am very curious how this budget one stacks up. Let’s take a closer look.

Looking at the model out of the box, you notice that mirrors come separately and have to be attached to the model. It seems as if some models produced by Solido have mirrors attached and some don’t. To be honest, I would prefer consistency and have them always attached. Since we are on the topic of mirrors, I would like to give Solido props for the carbon fibre simulation and inclusion of the Italian flag decal. Great attention to little things that matter!

At the front, this model looks good. As expected, perforated grilles are not present however Solido made up for it with carbon fibre replication on the lower diffuser and other aero bits. It is not the same carbon fibre you will find on $500+ models, but it is there and I think it works very well. In my opinion, Solido deserves lots of credit here! A red tow hook and “for racetrack use only no step” decal are a nice touch. Headlights are on point and the Alfa Romeo badge is present too.

Moving on to the side, I feel everything looks better than expected. The green metallic paint is reasonably well applied – but wait, there is more good news. The widened wheel fender add-ons, side skirt, winglet below the rear door, fin on the front bumper and mirrors all have carbon fibre simulation! The cloverleaf and Autodelta decals have not been forgotten either.

The rim design is accurate with the Alfa logo on the center cap. I do like the contrasting yellow calipers with black Alfa Romeo script and can appreciate the drilled rotors. Tires however are not branded.

The back of the model looks even better than the front. The presence of carbon fibre on the lower diffuser, and rear wing are a huge win here. The window defogger, rear lights and Alfa Romeo badge all look decent and the GTAm license plate is right on point. Even the red markers on the lower section of the bumper are separate plastic pieces. Exhaust pipes have depth – there is really nothing to fault here. And what about the roof you may ask? Well, there is carbon fibre on the roof too!

Inside, execution is good. The centre console around the shifter, a small section around the door handle and the seats all have carbon fibre present. I do like green and white stitching on the dashboard, gear shifter, seats and inside of the door panels. It definitely adds to the ambiance, and again proves that little attention to detail really makes a big difference. There are also just enough silver paint accents inside to lighten things up. On the passenger side dash, Solido included a GTAm red logo and a “Serie Limite” emblem that shows a production number to remind everyone the real car was indeed produced in limited numbers. This little decal is appreciated!

To sum things up, this is a winner! I do not recall a budget model with so much carbon fibre everywhere (however it is reproduced). This is huge, as it redefines how much detail is possible on a low-budget model. I feel it is ahead of the competition within the price range. No wonder this is a contender for the 2022 Model of the Year award – it truly deserves to be there!

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  1. DS Team says:

    Luk, another close-up of a Solido release, thank you for the effort. Based on the images, this is possibly their best release to date, and well deserving of a spot on the 2022 Model of the Year! Currently in 9th place overall, awesome result for a budget-friendly brand. Looking forward to what 2023 brings from Soldio!

  2. Nenad says:

    Solido has been brilliant this whole year to be honest. Yes, the models aren’t always 100% representations but they’ve certainly outshined the rest of the 1/18 budget brands in terms of detail as well as model choice, while still keeping the diecast shells and interior access.

  3. TgrClw says:

    I have the BBR version of GTAm. I feel cheated. This one is not too far off.

  4. Jelle says:

    Glad I ordered this one. Looking forward to getting hold of it, even more after this review, thank you!

  5. SamtheCat says:

    I’ll keep saying it, there’s absolutely NO EXCUSE for brands like GT Spirit to use black paint instead of carbon fiber on their models, nor for Autoart to use molded plastic instead of decals.

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