ACME Boss 302 Trans Am Mustang - Sam Posey/Lime Rock Winner •

ACME Boss 302 Trans Am Mustang – Sam Posey/Lime Rock Winner

ACME has just unveiled another classic Mustang in 1:18 scale diecast.  The #1 1969 Boss 302 Trans Am Mustang, driver Sam Posey – Lime Rock Winner.  Fully opening with attractive exterior and interior detail make this one promising. A variant of this car is in the works too, featuring Boss stripes and gloss white Minilite Trans Am wheels.  Suggested retail is $119.95US.  Street date is February 2018.

About the 302 Trans Am Mustang… “This car has an incredible story! It was campaigned in the 1969 Trans Am Series by Team Shelby with Peter Revson behind the wheel, but Revson was going not going to drive in the Lime Rock race because he was driving in the Indy 500 that fell on the same weekend. So Shelby called on Sam Posey to drive the car at Lime Rock. So what would Sam do? What do you expect, he would climb into this Boss 302 and win the Lime Rock Trans Am race! Amazing! ”

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2 Responses to "ACME Boss 302 Trans Am Mustang – Sam Posey/Lime Rock Winner"

  1. Oldtimer says:

    And again, ACME continues to perpetuate a grossly inaccurate model. And, in spite of all its other faults, if they would just correct the carburation, one could, maybe, overlook all the others. Trans Am Series in the United States never allowed multi-throat carburetors, such as the Weber setup from the old, original Welly molds.

  2. Charles (Switzerland) says:

    Hi “Oldtimer”, You’re probably right about the historical inaccuracies, but still the model is a breathtaking beauty! Not everybody is a Trans Am specialist like you, and not everybody insists on buying only model cars that correspond 100% to the cars as they are or were (at least as long as the price is as moderate as in this case). To many buyers the aesthetic aspect is at least as important as the question of absolute authenticity, and in my humble opinion the Boss 302 engine is by far more attractive with the Weber carburetos than without them.

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