Almost Real New Land Rover Defender 110 Camel Trophy Support •

Almost Real New Land Rover Defender 110 Camel Trophy Support

More with the SUV assortment, Almost Real finally unveils the 1:18 Land Rover Defender 110 Camel Trophy Support Unit Sabah-Malaysia 1993 Dirty Version.  Full access, diecast metal and a lot the mud are part of the package.  Production is limited to only 2000 pieces worldwide.  Order one HERE today!

Product# 810309 

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16 Responses to "Almost Real New Land Rover Defender 110 Camel Trophy Support"

  1. James Atkinson says:

    Yawn! More of the same recycled boring 4×4 nonsense from Almost Real. This manufacturer really is beyond dull and un-imaginitive. We are still waiting for 1:18 scale Jaguar, Pagani etc models that they have been promising for the last 4 years! Dull!

  2. Aceman says:

    Wow!!! Seems like they are only trying to build hype around the brand by announcing models by brands like Pagani and Jaguar. On several occasions it was announced that the Zonda was “almost” ready! Last year around October they announced it was coming soon. Then they said it should be out by first half of 2021. They’ve only been beating around the bush the whole while. I’m so glad a brand like LCD exists. They act and don’t just talk. Almost Real is the next High Performance Diecast (HPD)!

  3. Andrew says:

    Was the Zonda expected in first half of 2021 or 2031 lol?

  4. Karsten says:

    This is not “yet another” version of the Land Rover, but finally after what must be four or five years the delivery of the dirty version announced with the first, the then winner of our MODEL OF THE YEAR. I had made the mistake of ordering this dirty one instead of the clean first version. But I am glad it now does come at all after all. We can see there is quite some frustration when you promise things that don’t materialize soon after.

  5. Arturs777 says:

    Almost Real are a waste of space, promising many models yet delivering nothing but the same product albeit with some mud on it…boring as hell!

  6. 16Valves says:


    Oh! just another 4×4 yet this time it has some mud on it…how un-original!
    Boring, boring, boring….did I mention boring?

    How about all those 1:18 scale models from other manufacturers you have been promising for the last 3-4 years???????

  7. IanJ says:

    Almost Real should change their company name to Only 4×4. So tedious!

  8. Karsten says:

    In a couple of years AR will probably be flooding the market with one version after another of the Paganis and then we´ll have erverybody complaining that they should change their name to “Paganis only”. They are just VERY slow to market, which admittedly is a nuisance. But again, THIS was announced in 2018 and is finally here. All the other 4x4s were announced later, but delivered earlier. Would you prefer if it had been cancelled like so many other models they announced back then? And may I remind everybody that the S-Class, Brabus Rocket 900 and all the Bentleys (the Bentayga was cancelled) were not 4×4. I share the frustration of not knowing when, and, worse, if their announcements ever matierialize. But to vent it when one of these past announcements finally does materialize misses the point.

    • DS Team says:

      It is quite amusing how fast the pendulum can swing… Once considered a savour of sorts for “diecast” and “full access” examples. One thing we’ve learned a long time ago, patience is the key to this hobby. Go AR!

  9. Mike Wiseman says:

    I would hope they didn’t produce that flashy video of some actually beautiful full access replicas of zondas and huayras promoting their new AR+ line just to destroy the moulds… while I too have gone from a once excited AR fan to unamused by their business practices. I’m sure the paganis will arrive as promised. The question I raise is will LCD models pull the rug out from under AR before they realize what happened

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