Almost Real Range Rover "Camel Trophy" Sumatra - Dirty Version •

Almost Real Range Rover “Camel Trophy” Sumatra – Dirty Version

The Range Rover parade is still not complete from Almost Real.  A new 1:18 release is defined as Range Rover “Camel Trophy” Sumatra 1981 “Dirty Version”.  And based on the provided photos the team likes to play in the mud!  The nicely executed exterior is matched with a fully accessible replica – there are even functional sand ladders included too!  Only 400 of these puppies will be released.  Contact to get yours now!

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  1. Charlie says:

    I have yet to figure out why so many manufacturers choose to do “dirty” versions that are so far off the mark. This one has the usual, too clean engine bay. The front diff looks clean in the pic, so I’m guessing the underside is clean as well. Note the almost non-existent dirt on the windows, and spotless roof rack & accessories. I’ll stick to the clean version.

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