Amalgam 1:8 Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 •

Amalgam 1:8 Gordon Murray Automotive T.50

It seems Amalgam will be first to market with the already classic Gordon Murray Automotive T.50.  This 1:8 scale replica does offer access to the internal bits.  Inside one will find a pherora of detail.  This limited production of 199 will come at a price, expect to dish out $19,000 US.

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6 Responses to "Amalgam 1:8 Gordon Murray Automotive T.50"

  1. Mike Wiseman says:

    What a breathtakingly spectacular replica. Happy to amalgam go the internal access route with this car. However, sad I’ll never be able to have one without first obtaining a winning lottery ticket.

    • spikyone says:

      For a brand that puts so much effort into some aspects of its models, and charges so much for them, some of Amalgam’s corner-cutting is absolutely shameful. Those exhaust tail pipes being blanked off at such a shallow, visible depth would be a disappointment on a model costing £100. It’s bordering on criminal – you’d have to “park” your $20k model with its back against the wall so that your friends didn’t laugh at it. I’m not sure I’d buy one of their models even if I did win the lottery.

      • Mike Wiseman says:

        No, the model isn’t perfect. But it’s close. I would probably spend $20k on a classic real car before I’d ever actually invest that much into a scale replica. Still yet, it is an excellently detailed model

  2. Epic says:

    Take it easy :) . Schuco will release 1:18 sealed resin version by the end of 2023 or beginning 2024 :)

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