Amalgam Ferrari F40 – Edition of 5 with Road & Track Book •

Amalgam Ferrari F40 – Edition of 5 with Road & Track Book

If you one for exclusivity and you have $14,000 to spare, the team at Amalgam is offering a limited edition of five 1:8 Ferrari F40 with Road and Track book.  The model of the F40 offers full access and high-end detailing, while the accompanying book comes with an attractive box and highlights the history of the Ferrari F40.

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5 Responses to "Amalgam Ferrari F40 – Edition of 5 with Road & Track Book"

  1. Karsten says:

    If I had 14,000$ to spare, I probably would not be collecting model cars. I bless myself lucky to have a 1/8 diecast Testarossa by Pocher who sold this assembled showroom demonstrator with its showcase when they (temporarily) gave up business in the 1990s. That cost me 350 Euros and will do for me on this scale.

    • Roger Lodge says:

      Why would you no longer collect model cars if you had that much money to spare?

      Do you see it as a poor man’s version of automobile collecting? I’d never look at it like that because I experience more joy in looking at and handling model cars with all of their miniature details than I could in collecting a garage full of automobiles that are hardly driven.

      I’d say it’s almost analogous to my preference of well made watches to say…grandfather clocks. To me, collecting watches or models has nothing to do with settling, it’s all to do with preference.

      • Karsten says:

        True, I don’t get to look at my Mondeo as much as at my models, although I do like it, and often asked myself whether I would want to drive one of my models in reality or a more premium car than a Ford. I ended up with very much the same conclusion as you, Roger.
        Yet, if I regularly had Amalgam money to blow, I would be so rich that I would probably be involved in other, more costly things. I guess, Amalgam customers will not have the same number of models, not consider themselves model collectors, … not look at this website. Of course, if I’ve wronged a 1/8 collector now, do speak up and I will apologize

  2. idc says:

    I had no idea Amalgam did opening models. Do they do any in 1:18 scale? Would be very tempted by a fully opening F40 by Amalgam at 1:18

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