AUTOart Aston Martin DBS Superleggera - Lime Essence •

AUTOart Aston Martin DBS Superleggera – Lime Essence

AUTOart just stop it!  The rainbow of colours for your new 1:18 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is just that good!!  The latest in a stream of awesomeness comes with the Lime Essence exterior.  This time around the Black wheels is more fitting.  Do you agree?  Look for this example around January/February 2022.

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11 Responses to "AUTOart Aston Martin DBS Superleggera – Lime Essence"

  1. Giorgio262 says:

    Honestly I prefer more elegant colour combinations on Aston Martin cars, and I’m not particularly keen on black wheels in general, I think they just disappear visually, even more so on brighter colours. Dark metallic hues is as dark as I would go on a wheel design, unless black is used to highlight lighter or polished accents, but I don’t count those mixed finishes as black wheels.

    Not a big fan of those black exhaust tips or that black gaping air intake in the front either and for the same reasons. I would buy this one only if it was on some massive sale discount. exclusively for its technical bits.

  2. eRoss says:

    I know benevolence should guide us all, but this color combination is nothing short of objectively ugly and has to make Aston Martin engineers’ eyes bleed. (Lime bodywork with black rims and blue calipers… what an insult to good taste, really !) Fortunately the magnetic silver, black and hyper red versions (not sure about the black rims on the latter, though), will help us to quickly forget this atrocity.

  3. Jo226 says:

    One word: Hideous!

  4. Karsten says:

    I agree with everyone above: Not a colour befitting an Aston Martin. Honestly, if you want this colour on wheels, buy a Lamborghini! If you MUST have this colour on the Aston, WAIT! In a year it will sell at HUGE discounts, while the magnetic silver´s price will soar! (IMHO)

    • spikyone says:

      I pre-ordered the Magnetic Silver from my favourite seller, they were so surprised that they kindly e-mailed to let me know it wouldn’t be with them until early 2022 and check I was happy with that! (Which is why they’re my favourite seller) I know they’ve sold out of desirable colours on other models quite quickly (Viola Aventador SVJ, Vision Victory Senna) and I definitely didn’t want to miss out on the silver DBS.

      Lime essence though? Yeah, I’m not feeling it on the DBS. It’s just about OK on the Vantage, but this is a big bruising GT and lairy colours just don’t suit it.

  5. ilka says:

    it’s a youtuber-spec Aston. Im sure many of those will be played by influencers, then thrown away and resprayed by better owners.

    • Giorgio262 says:

      I’d say even a youtuber would be sensible enough to finance the real car, having it from factory in some safe colour and then proceed to have it wrapped in this kind of shouty colour, make a couple of videos in the process and then make another video about stripping the damn wrap to sell the car.
      No, this seems like the kind of colour rappers or some football players would choose for an Aston to show off their newly aquired wealth.

  6. Aston says:

    I can’t count myself as a big aesthetic, but I think this Aston looks a little vulgar. And black wheels, in my opinion, and a black roof in combination with this body color destroy my ideas about the noble appearance of an expensive sports car. AM is perceived as a kind of colored spots. But this is exclusively my perception.

  7. roshan david says:

    Love this color! absolutely my favorite for this car.

  8. ilka says:

    Anyhow, no matter how toyish this color can look, the car is still lovely and gorgious by itself. And also the lime green is a homage to their recent racing cars me guessing.
    Anyway it’s still miles better than the new Z. I know, completely different classes of cars, but the latter also suffers from toyishness, and the real car itself is looking so bad and toyish that any model of it would look like toy.

  9. flathead says:

    That almost-chartreuse body color really glows. The car will be a standout on display.

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