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AUTOart New Releases

If you missed the original release of the AUTOart 1:18 DeLorean DMC-12 in Satin Finish don’t stress! AUTOart is re-issuing the model once again, though this time around the basic DNA is composted on composite and diecast materials. Suggested retail $295 CND. If you’re curious to see how good this model is, checkout our review section for a full-spread, in-depth review!

The devil does where Red, two more upcoming production pieces include the Honda NSX (NC1), Valencia Red Pearl and Black wheels and the Liberty Walk LB-Works Lamborghini Aventador, Metallic Red with Red wheels.  Each looks delicious!  Both come from AUTOart’s Composite and diecast series as well.

Product# 73233 / 79109 / 79916

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  1. George K says:

    Any word on how they intend to replicate the body? Die cast? plastic?
    I can’t possibly come near their original, which is a beautiful model!

    • salociN says:

      The new DeLorean is supposed to be in composite, which is not suggested by the article.

      I really hope the “satin” finish of this “new” body won’t be too glossy like the first AUTOart attempt (erk !), as it really doesn’t look like a stainless brushed finish.

  2. Stephane Demers says:

    Why does Aa is doing this? Re-issuing a car they have already issued on the market?? They DILUTE the value of the first batch they produced… Did this witht the 787B, with some Corvettes and now the DeLorean. I may even had missed some! It’s so frustrating, investing in an Aa is not an investment anymore…

    • Wildman Bradley says:

      If you want to purchase models as an investment, purchase GT Spirit.. I just got my hands on the Ford Gt350 in blue with black stripes.. I got it for $225. This bad boy is selling all day for $600 + on ebay

    • Chall says:

      Exclusivity and fear-of-missing-out are actually the things that frustrate me the most about this hobby. Hunting CMC’s Uhlenhaut left me particularly bitter.

      Coming into the hobby late and seeing scary prices on a model I wanted and then knowing that they were sold and resold at much less still really bothers me.

      I agree that there’s a little rush knowing that one is part of a small club and watching the prices of a model go up, but in the end, I’d trade that just to have a well done model that floors me with its detail and execution. I’d make me a little happier to know that 10,000 or more people could get the same joy as me.

      • flathead says:

        “I’d make me a little happier to know that 10,000 or more people could get the same joy as me.”

        I feel the same way. Hopefully, more collectors are like us, with fewer greedy ones out there.

    • Imran Razzaq says:

      The first batch was Diecast, this batch will be composite. I think collectors in the know will recognise this and there will be a much higher value placed on the first batch. I have one from the first batch. It was excellent however it is my understanding that they had so many rejects during the finishing process they had to re-paint them red and black so they wouldn’t have to scrap them. I buy the models because i like them and get pleasure from them. If you are buying to make money stick to tech stocks.

    • spikyone says:

      If you’re buying models because you want an appreciating asset, you’re probably in the wrong hobby. Why shouldn’t anyone that wants a particular replica be able to get one?

      The only reason the original release is rare is that AA struggled to make them and ended up with a lot of scrap, which made it a very expensive model to manufacture. They always planned to make more.

  3. Roger Lodge says:

    I agree with the sentiment that the joy of the hobby is collecting, not hoarding models just to resell for a profit, just like a ticket scalper.

    I admit, it’s nice when a model that I no longer want has gone up considerably in value, essentially allowing me to trade up for more models or a nicer model – but as others have said, I’d much prefer having models appreciate in value at a more modest rate so that I and everyone else can afford models that they missed out on.

    I missed out on AutoArt’s Mclaren F1 road car and would love to have one, but the idea of paying the current market rate of $600+ is utterly despicable to me. I hope AutoArt re-releases that one!

    As for this particular release, I was lucky to get this one and really like the model, so unlike some here, this news does not make me bitter knowing that the value will likely go down. In fact, I’m glad that other collectors who really want this for their collection (not just to make a buck) will get a chance at having it at a reasonable price and I hope AutoArt keeps doing the same with other discontinued high-demand cars.

    We’ll all see how the composite version compares to the diecast though!

  4. George K says:

    The original is one of the models I pull out every so often. It’s really one of the models which make this hobby worthwhile.

  5. JM says:

    All the world is still wating for the remake of the older BMW and Mercedes from Autoart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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