Classic Racing from Tecnomodel! •

Classic Racing from Tecnomodel!

Fans of Tecnomodel scale replicas will now have the opportunity to include a couple of more classic race cars.  Each model is crafted in 1:18 in resin with a sealed-body design.  Cars include the 1958 Vanwall and 1987 Lotus 87 driven by Nigel Mansel and Elio de Angelis.  The complete list is shared below.

TM18-165A Vanwall 1958 Belgium GP Driver Tony Brooks #4
TM18-165B Vanwall 1958 British GP Driver Stirling Moss #7
TM18-165C Vanwall 1958 Winner Monza GP Driver Tony Brooks #28
TM18-165D Vanwall 1958 GP Italy Driver Stirling Moss #26

TM18-170A Lotus 87 1981 JPS Essex Italy GP Driver Elio de Angelis #11
TM18-170B Lotus 87 1981 JPS Las Vegas GP Driver Nigel Mansel #12
TM18-170C Lotus 87 1981 JPS Essex British GP Driver Nigel Mansel #12
TM18-170D Lotus 87 1981 JPS Essex Monaco GP Driver Elio de Angelis #11

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