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Dino Model New 1:18 Lamborghini LP750-4 SV

More Dino Models, the 1:18 resin and a sealed replica of the Lamborghini LP750-4 SV is new.  As with their past effort, two base colours will be offered, White and Black.  The exterior colour palette includes Bianco LSI, Rosso BIA, Blue Notte, Giallo Orion, Verde Ermes, Nero Aldebaran, Luminous Green and Luminous Blue – the last two are White based and limited to 20 units. In comparison, the remaining are 30 units offered in White and Black.  Pricing starts at just under $500 CND.

Product# LS001A/B – LS006A/B  / LS007A – LS008A

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3 Responses to "Dino Model New 1:18 Lamborghini LP750-4 SV"

  1. Robin Iske says:

    Damn resin.

  2. HOTWEELS164 says:

    I’m curious to see how it will go, especially with the SV logo.
    I missed the MR collection one in rosso bia with big SV logo, maybe this will join the collection at some point.

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