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Easter Eggs: The Koenigsegg Ghost Squadron Truck

“That’s the ultimate Egg transporter”, someone commented on Facebook. And that´s why it is our Easter Special!  “Will need a house extension!!!”, someone else suggested, not without reason because this measures a massive 160 cm long. “Herregud!” or “Jösses!” are most likely interjections to be exclaimed by a Swede at the sight of this, in scale as much as in real life. Although, admittedly, this here is a fantasy and I am aware that the official truck used by Koenigsegg is different. The first idea for this was born when the Volvo FH16 Performance Edition was released in 1:18 quite a while ago. Any head tractor seems incomplete without a trailer, and with the Swedish colours so proudly displayed by the Volvo Performance Edition, what Swedish performance cars come to mind to be carried by it? Right! Add to this that I always admired Mike Neagu´s MNT 016 “Road Train” and the fact that B-Trains or B-Doubles, which these are more accurately called, is in fact much more common in Sweden than here in central Europe. But it wasn´t until recently that Mike started offering transparent gullwing doors and LED lighting, which then prompted me to start the project – in the summer of 2023. Like most of Mike´s creations, this is 100% bespoke, patiently designed with me in endless emails with sketches and links sent to and for between us and Mike often enthusiastically burning the midnight oil to make this piece of art come true.

There was a lot to be kept in mind for this. A balance had to be struck between making it big enough on the inside of the rear trailer to house the Koenigseggs and inserting them into the trailer sideways through the gullwing doors. Inserting them through the operable rear lift gate would be too difficult and dangerous, although operating the gull wings is not much less fiddly than the rear. Thus, six Koenigsegg Hypercars can be accommodated inside: I decided that my good old diecast metal AUTOart CCX and Agera and my newer composite Agera RS and One:1 will be joined by AUTOart´s Jesko (once it materializes) and rather unusually for my collection have given the sixth slot to a sealed Frontiart model of a rather beautiful Regera Ghost Package registered in Canada. Given this load carried, the opaque right-hand side of the rear trailer bears the script’s relevant scripts on the outside. Making the other side of the rear trailer transparent was a must if it was to serve as a display case for the Koenigsegg models. On the other hand, the trailers could not be blown out of proportion but had to still credibly fit the Volvo tractor unit, which limited width and height.

The other question was, what the credible purpose of the front trailer could be, so that metal sides could continue the tractor´s Swedish flag stripe and introduce the Koenigsegg theme with Koenigsegg´s coat of arms, the similarly shield-shaped “Ghost Squadron” Koenigsegg owners club logo and the inevitable ghost. The unit clearly not being Koenigsegg´s factory truck (that is a silver Scania with a silver trailer and a ghost on it), it had to be made something else, yet Koenigsegg-related. So the Ghost Squadron Koenigsegg owners´ club came to mind and the front trailer was designed as a lounge to socialize during the club´s regular meetings and events. So the front trailer´s interior received a real wood floor, a glittery blue wall with a bespoke golden GS Lounge script, repainted Playmobil lounge furniture complemented by watch-glass-on-pylons tables and two 1/87 Koenigsegg models in display cases as models within the model. Some will recognize the wild mixture of 1:18 figures populating the lounge: First, of course, Christian von Koenigsegg himself by SF Figures, who also created the smoking lady in blue at the bar, and some American Diorama figures in many different roles they were originally intended to play. The guy reaching for the champagne glass usually is meant to reach for his girlfriend resting on his lap. Note how the girl next to him bears the Swedish colours in her hat, pullover and sneakers. And some may see Jesko von Koenigsegg in the elderly gentleman on the sofa (although Jesko does not walk on a stick).

On the outside, Mike and I made sure, the trailers would form one unit with the tractor, not only continuing its Performance Edition Swedish stripes, but also the black lines along the side skirts and the same style of script with a Swedish flag. I requested the amber side markers and found these mere stickers more convincing than I first thought. Mike could have made the lower compartments openable, but I had to delete this feature for financial reasons. So this showcases much, but by far not all that Mike Neagu can do.

On the rear of the trailer, that being a novelty on MN trailers, I wanted Swedish signs, a LONG LAST script and a Scandinavian rear light cluster with transparent lenses. In fact, I insisted on Mike replacing the opaque lights with transparent elements on my request when the trailer was already finished. You might spot both in the pictures submitted and I sensed that I was testing Mike´s patience once more. You will agree, though, that the transparent lights are so much better. The Swedish number plates are my addition and I admit, although vanity plates are legal in Sweden, these would not be as they bear one digit too many. The rear lift gate´s markings are more realistic, uniting the Koenigsegg regalia like the Koenigsegg coat of arms, Ghost Squadron owners club emblem and ghost with a Volvo emblem. Koenigsegg and Volvo do have a partnership with the Performance Edition Volvo FH16 head tractor once famously racing a One:1 for publicity.

I hope you enjoy this unique masterpiece as much as I do. What an eye-catcher! What a way to showcase a Koenigsegg collection! As a collector, I couldn´t be happier about a Fabergé Egg and Mike Neagu surely is the Fabergé of 1:18 scale truck trailers. Thank you, Mike, and Happy Easter everyone!

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3 Responses to "Easter Eggs: The Koenigsegg Ghost Squadron Truck"

  1. DS Team says:

    WOW! This is one of the most impressive replicas and themes we’ve seen in scale. Awesome work and creativity on the inter-working section. LOVE, the lounge area with figurines. Happy Easter, and thank you, Karsten!

  2. Giorgio262 says:

    One of the most interesting thing about collecting models in the same scale is to display together vehicles of different sizes and periods. These large trucks in 1:18 are impressive showpieces to have, provided one can afford both their cost and to dedicate them the considerable room they require, It would be nice if you could add a photo with the cars displayed in front of the truck and the trailer, with perhaps a few of those figures among them.

    • Karsten says:

      I have deliberately submitted pictures focusing on the truck only and not showing any surrounding context was a challenge. But if you follow the link, you will get just that, and I agree that, despite the trucks dimensions mentioned above, only that will bring home the size of this.

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