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REVIEW: Norev Mercedes C-Class (W202)

“Would you sell me your car?” is a question complete strangers frequently ask my father, in car parks, gesturing him to roll down his window at a red light, etc.. Small wonder, as it is a well-preserved and well-looked-after specimen of an increasingly popular future classic, a face-lift (in Mercedes-speak MOPF for MOdell-PFlege) Mercedes C-Class sedan in a top-of-the-range “Elegance” Continue Reading...
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REVIEW: KengFai Audi R8 V10 GT RWD

The last “hurrah” to Audi´s R – yes, it´s supposed to rhyme, hence the extreme abbreviation of its baroque nomenclature. The Audi R8 V10 GT RWD marks the end, the capstone of Audi´s R8 model range, again featuring the distinctive, yet controversial blade on its flank. Some merely saw Audi´s V10 sports car as a more bourgeoise, tamer Lamborghini spin-off, Continue Reading...
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Easter Eggs: The Koenigsegg Ghost Squadron Truck

“That’s the ultimate Egg transporter”, someone commented on Facebook. And that´s why it is our Easter Special!  “Will need a house extension!!!”, someone else suggested, not without reason because this measures a massive 160 cm long. “Herregud!” or “Jösses!” are most likely interjections to be exclaimed by a Swede at the sight of this, in scale as much as in Continue Reading...
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PHOTO GALLERY: LCD Models McLaren 600LT Green/Red

Reviewed in depth earlier in its blue version, this new colour suits the LCD McLaren 600 LT well. Particularly attractive IMO is the red interior this version comes with. Enjoy the pictures (including an obvious Photoshop job of the flame thrower)....
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REVIEW: Kiloworks Mercedes-AMG ONE (C298)

This will probably be the shortest full review ever on this website. The reason is very simple. The “new” Kiloworks Mercedes AMG ONE is in fact the exact same model as NZG´s I reviewed earlier, so for almost everything I can simply refer you back to that earlier review, including the photos. The only, but decisive difference is: This time Continue Reading...
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