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REVIEW: Fronti-Art Zenvo TSR-S (chassis #4 aka Shmee-Mobile)

“Hi, guys, I´m Shmeeeeee” – well, in fact, I´m not, but this is just what this car is saying, nay, shouting: A crazy, stunning looker, completely bonkers, just the right ride for the Youtuber. The in-house developed engine may have the horsepower of a Bugatti, but then “only” less than the performance that the first Aventadors had ten years ago. Continue Reading...
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REVIEW: Almost Real Jaguar XJ (X350)

Almost Real´s Jaguar XJ6 has come as a pleasant surprise. Almost Real did not bother to announce it beforehand, previously having experienced many angry reactions for delays or cancellations of highly anticipated models they had announced in their early years. Their first release is this black version, or ebony as the Jaguar sales brochures from back in its day preferred Continue Reading...
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PSA: Horrible News on LCD´s Clear Carbon Paganis!

There is news amongst collectors that LCD´s clear carbon Paganis suffer from serious issues. We have recently positively reviewed the Zonda HP Barchetta without clear carbon, but with the purple clear carbon version released now, serious issues are reported. For one thing, the clear carbon seems to be replicated by adding transparent carbon decals on top of the ordinary paint. Continue Reading...
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REVIEW: Kyosho Lamborghini Countach LP500 S (old vs new)

Does it still wow us … after all these years? We all know the wow effect the Countach got its name from and the original car is still enough of a looker and legend for Lamborghini to give some of their last Aventadors a Countach-inspired body and call it the Countach LP800-4.  What I am referring to in asking that Continue Reading...
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