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Exoto XCU 1:10 Project

We don’t hear much from the Exoto team, but this morning a new project was unveiled, XCU 1:10.  What does this mean? What does the photo really reveal?  Could there be a future new complete model car or typical “birdcage” replica of the past?  Also the scale moves from the favored 1:18 to 1:10.  Only time will tell…  DiecastSociety.com will be there when it does.

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4 Responses to "Exoto XCU 1:10 Project"

  1. Uzair says:

    Well this is surprising. Most of us have given up hope on Exoto producing any new models. 1:10 is also an odd decision. The only 1:10 I would be interested in their long-ago-announced Sauber C9 and Ferrari 641.2, but this “XCU” does not look like the spaceframe of the C9.

    And if it does happen to be just a spaceframe and not a full model, then no thanks.

  2. Allan says:

    Looks just like a Porsche 917 chassis to me.

    • George K says:

      You may be on to something. The curvature of the front windscreen, the position of the rear window, the short and simple front end. But, I don’t get what looks like a diagonal cross piece over where the engine would be. . .

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