FIRST LOOK: BBR Ferrari Ferrari SF-23 •

FIRST LOOK: BBR Ferrari Ferrari SF-23

F1 fans, BBR is showing off their upcoming 1:18 sealed diecast Ferrari SF-23.  Likely the Sani and Leclerc cars will be added.  This replica is based on the 2023 Bahrain GP.  No official word on a release date has been provided.  We have the BBR F1-75 sitting beside us, and we can confidently say they are solid efforts.  More on the F1-75 soon!

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  1. Aaron says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “BBR, if you’re reading this, I hope you’ll someday consider doing in 1/18 DIECAST Carlos Reutemann’s 1978 Ferrari 312T3, Per Favore!” The Aston Martin AMR22 and AMR23 would be a bonus

    • spikyone says:

      Spark are doing both those Aston Martins, I think Minichamps have announced the AMR22 as well. GP Replicas have already done the Reutemann Ferrari.

      If your emphasis on diecast means you want them in metal, that’s misguided IMO. Resin is far better for the complex aero shapes of an F1 car (all the complex bits of a diecast metal F1 car are made from plastic). Otherwise there’s no reason to want BBR in particular to do them; I have the LookSmart F1-75 and from images I’ve seen of the BBR, the LookSmart is better.

  2. Aaron says:

    I know that GP Replicas has done that Ferrari and Minichamps the Aston Martins. But I HATE resin. Regardless of the reasons. I’m only interested in Diecast. It’s no fun collecting resin models that have no bells and whistles to them. Diecast models with moving parts, rolling wheels tops, is what got me in this hobby in the first place. Without that, they are scaring me away and putting money in my pocket. If anyone wants a resin model, they might as well by an over elaborate and extremely fragile but useless vase

    • spikyone says:

      Each to their own – I’d rather have a faithful, sharp replica of an F1 car if I wanted it that badly, it’s not like I’m going to push it around the carpet so I’d prefer that it displays well.
      As I said the more complex shapes on diecast F1 cars are plastic for every model I’ve ever seen. You’re unlikely to see any modern F1 car with a diecast body – at least, anything more accurate than a Solido – because so much of it is very difficult to replicate accurately from diecast metal. You can’t cast sharp features and small details so they end up as extra parts or needing lots of post-casting work. And there is next to no chance of a modern car being made with opening features because it would take too long to bring to market. That would only happen if one of the teams made something truly iconic that would be guaranteed to sell a couple of seasons after it raced, which rarely happens in modern F1.

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