First Look: TrueScale Miniatures 1:12 Porsche 956 •

First Look: TrueScale Miniatures 1:12 Porsche 956

Our friends at TrueScale Miniatures provided some new photos of their upcoming 1:12 Porsche 956 #7 1984 and 1:12 Porsche 956 #8, 1983.  Based on the images, the models appear to be sealed.  True shame, half the excitement is stripping the exterior skin and seeing what makes these classic racers tick!

TSM151209 (1) TSM151209 (3) TSM151209 (4)

TSM151210 (5) TSM151210 (6) TSM151209 (2)

TSM151210 (1) TSM151210 (2) TSM151209 (5)

TSM151209 (6) TSM151210 (4)

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  1. My inventory of Minichamps NEWMAN / Joest 956s sold out right away and no more available. I think we all prefer diecast in this case so we can see the innards, but I expect this to be popular (for a 1/12 scale).

    Sort of off topic (off diecast, not the car) I was at Porsche Rennsport Reunion a couple of weeks ago and saw essentially the identical car racing. I’d post a photo here if I could.

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