First Pics: Paragon 1:18 BMW i8 •

First Pics: Paragon 1:18 BMW i8

As we first presented with the Paragon 2015 Catalogue last week, first pics of Paragon’s BMW i8 were unveiled today.  The model is shown in pre-production form, unless the photos are of poor quality, to me the model looks black, though scheduled colours were to include Blue Matt and Frozen Grey.  As shown in the photos, access to the interior bits will be the only option here; this was at the request of BMW. More to come!

paragon_bmwi8black paragon_bmwi8black2 paragon_bmwi8black3

paragon_bmwi8black4 paragon_bmwi8black5 paragon_bmwi8black6

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5 Responses to "First Pics: Paragon 1:18 BMW i8"

  1. Pratip says:

    i think the front should have been much better the 1:1 looks much better and why the hell BMW requested the engine bay to be sealed??? It’s a big turn-off for me!!!!

  2. Kwando says:

    That was quick! When I first saw pics I thought it was 1/43 since it didn’t have doors open. Don’t think I’ll be getting it though..

  3. Jase G says:

    Nice pics….I’ve just never been much of a fan of the car personally. until it was pointed out, the whole back end and image of it birthing a 991 porsche remains cemented in my memory. I think they should release it in silver or white as well. However, the reason for my post is the following; any news on when Paragon plans to release the pair of M4’s? those are the two new models from them I’m itching to read about and purchase.

  4. Karsten says:

    I have seen the 1/18 i8 announced for June at a BMW dealer´s online shop in Sophisto Grey, Protonic Blue and Crystal White. So maybe the colour range of what will be offered as dealership models and regular Paragon models will differ slightly.

  5. Giarbie says:

    Not in this colour! Looks best in white IMHO.

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