GT Spirit US Edition Challenger SRT Hellcat - Redeye Widebody •

GT Spirit US Edition Challenger SRT Hellcat – Redeye Widebody

Definitely, our favourite colour combo, the latest USA Exclusive model features the 1:18 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat – Redeye Widebody. We love those dual nostrils on the hood. Only 750 pieces will go into production. Street date is set for November of this year. There are possible alternative colours to come from GTS for the rest of the globe. Stay with for the latest!

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  1. Robert Poudrette says:

    I just got a battleship grey Chellenger Demon from these guys. I got it as a gift. The finish is almost beyond reproach proportions are great and the stance is spot on. The photoetch and exterior details look very good. and the interior looks really nice. It stop right there. The feeling I get when I hold a resin model like this is exactly the same as when i got to a dealership and look at a car in the lot. All i can do is touch it, can’t open it, can’t see the engine, can’t get it to roll. I’d rather have a “plastic” AutoArt model with opening and working features and rolling wheels than these. These models are teasers and no more, it’s just disappointing! I’m not panning any manufacturer in particular, i just find the industry in general is going in a direction I don’t like. I like operating features in my 1/18 scale model cars, period!

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