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Ignition Models New 1:43 Announcements

News from Ignition Model are five new specimens with various colour options.  The feature is the Nissan Pandem R35 GT-R in Red.  This model will also be issued in Blue Metallic and Purple/Green.  We have the complete listings below with accompanying photos.   Enjoy!

IG0922 Nismo R32 GT-R S-Tune White 
IG0923 Nismo R32 GT-R S-Tune Silver 
IG0924 Nismo R32 GT-R S-Tune Red 
IG1242 Pam S30 Z Red Metallic
IG1243 Pam S30 Z Blue Metallic
IG1244 Pam S30 Z White
IG1152 Pandem R35 GT-R Red
IG1153 PANDEM R35 GT-R Blue Metallic 
IG1154 PANDEM R35 GT-R Purple/Green
IG1194 Toyota 89C-V 1989 Shakedown Test 
IG0528 Brown Porsche 962 C (#16) 1990 Le Mans

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