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KK Scale Budget Ferrari F40 & More! (UPDATED)

We can report that KK Scale will launch a budget-friendly Ferrari F40 based on the 1987 car, the example will be 1:18 scale that will arrive in late September.  Exterior colours include Red and Yellow, each is diecast metal with a sealed body design.  Photos to come soon!  There is also a new colour for their recently released Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 (1964), welcome Red to the fold.

Product# KKDC180691 / KKDC180692 / KKDC180425 

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6 Responses to "KK Scale Budget Ferrari F40 & More! (UPDATED)"

  1. Marcel171281 says:

    The F40 seems very difficult to replicate in scale. Don’t know if the links will work, but just like the GT Spirit, it looks odd.


    Things I notice: Wheels and tyres are wrong. Rear wing is odd and the mirrors look too small.

    I know it is a budget brand, but considdering it is sealed, the shape and wheels at least should be correct. For the people waiting for this, I hope this is an early sample, but as it will arrive very shortly in the shops, I think this is it.

  2. Silviu Toma says:

    You are saying that F40 are diecast not resin ? … interesting …

  3. Krtek says:

    Do you think it is better than GT spirit or Top Marques version?

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