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Make Up New Announcements

One of the favourite brands is back with more this week.  New in 1:43 scale is the Toyota GT Supra TRD 3000GT Concept and Singer 911 (964) Mulholland.  What is the history behind that Singer livery?  In 1:18. the team provides images of the upcoming LB Works GT-R Type 1.5 2017 Special Edition.  We’ve listed the available colour where appliable below.

Toyota GT Supra TRD 3000GT Concept:
EM503A – SEMA show 2019 Silver
EM503B – Gray
EM503C – Yellow
Em503d – Red (Limited 30 pcs.)
Em503e – White (Limited 30 pcs.)

VM203 – Singer 911 (964) Mulholland

LB WORKS GT-R Type 1.5 2017 Special Edition:
EML020A – Silver (Limited 70 pcs.)
EML020B – Matte Gray (Limited 50 pcs.)
EML020C – Black/ LBWK stripe (Limited 50 pcs.)

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  1. Veneno says:

    Can we please get the Mulholland in 1/18!?

  2. Dave G says:

    The print on the Singer is a height level map of the owner’s favorite area – if I recall correctly. It is a brilliant way of customizing your car. Besides that there are some other features not often seen, like the Minilite-style alloys and the additional light fixtures. I really like this model, it is a welcome variation in Make Up’s Singer collection.

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