More News Diecast Masters 2019 Ford Mustang! •

More News Diecast Masters 2019 Ford Mustang!

We have some new photos to share on the progress of the Diecast Masters/BM Creations 1:18, diecast metal, 2019 Ford Mustang.  As you can see three colours are shared, they include Yellow, Blue, and Black.  Seems some improvements have been made on the panel gaps, but more is definitely requirements.  As per BM Creations who is developing the model for their sister brand Diecast Masters, more work is yet to be done.

The features that will make this model unique is shared as well.  The camber is adjusted for those that like the tucked look or lower stance.  You probably noticed the featured image with the body panel sitting car side.  Well, the model is designed to have removable parts, as future updates with include Shelby parts assortment and WIDE body kits too.  We have many photos of each option below.  Let’s hope the team figures out the gap issues, as this model has the potential to take the scale model community by storm!  The street date is scheduled for early 2020.

Product# DM1861001 / DM1861002 / DM1861003 / DM1861004 / DM1861005 / DM1861006

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9 Responses to "More News Diecast Masters 2019 Ford Mustang!"

  1. Chris says:

    As I said before (I hope Diecast Masters sees this), that 5.0 badge on the fender needs lowered a bit. Everything else looks fantastic so far! Im excited to see what aftermarket bits are going to be offered as well.

  2. Vitaliy D says:

    It’s hard to judge a model on such early pre-production stage, and what is very promising is that these examples are already better than the initial one.
    What I’d like to mark so far:
    – the model’s body (exterior) currently does not look as refined as AutoArt’s one – let’s hope this will be improved;
    – the exhaust looks very cheap :( – let’s hope it will be improved;
    – the engine seems to already look better than AutoArt’s one – and let’s hope to see even more details in the final version!
    – can’t say much about the interior now – let’s hope it will be at least at AutoArt’s level.

  3. Will says:

    This would be great! For my 10 year old……

  4. Drama Queen says:

    Why are the wheels so skinny? I hope this gets addressed. I am truly happy to see the Hotwerks type model being produced again.

  5. Karsten says:

    This still looks as if you could take off body parts. Usually the whole body is one moulded part, except for hood, doors, bonnet.

  6. Keith Meadors says:

    How can I purchase the 2019 Mustang GT PP1 diecast car?

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