New ACME Pontiac GTO Judge Convertibles! •

New ACME Pontiac GTO Judge Convertibles!

More American muscle is highlighted here, ACME will issue two Pontiac GTO Judge Convertibles.  One features the Cameo White exterior, which is tagged as the “Last Judge Convertible Built!”.  The second is found in the exterior colour Atoll Blue.  Production numbers are 500 in White and 400 in Blue.  The release date is tentative for July/August 2023.  Retail is fair, under $140 US.  And last, a removable roof is included with the model as pictured below.

Product# A1801220 / A1801221


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  1. AJ says:

    hard pass, the tooling on these cars is in terrible shape, the panel gaps get bigger with each new release, and the too thick paint doesn’t make them look any better, you can even see how the paint rounds off the edges that should be sharp…

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