One Model Tuner Nissan GT-R R35 •

One Model Tuner Nissan GT-R R35

If tuner cars are your thing, One Model is set to release their version of the 1:18 Nissan/Greddy R35.  A total of seven colours will be issued, some are acceptable while others, cough Matt Green should be saved for the circular file.  Each is defined below.  The first of the sample is set to be released this September.

19A02-02 – Matte Blue (Fast & Furious)
19A02-03 – Red
19A02-05 – Black (Greddy)
19A02-06 – White
19A02-07 – Yellow (JUN)
19A02-17 – Orange
19A02-28 – Matte Green

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