PHOTO GALLERY: AUTOart Ford Sierra RS Cosworth DTM LUI #44 •

PHOTO GALLERY: AUTOart Ford Sierra RS Cosworth DTM LUI #44

We came across some new old stock from AUTOart.  We’re not sure of the exact release date, we estimate about 10-12 years back.  This is when AUTOart was still embracing the diecast metal exterior and composite wasn’t even on the radar.  The Ford Cossie as affectionally known in English circles was a monster in race and street form back in the day…  This example is defined as Ford (England) Sierra RS Cosworth DTM LUI #44 – 24h Nurburgring 1989, driver Volker Weidlder.  AUTOart did issue a handful of race cars in various livery and streetcars, all of which were enjoyed in 1:18 scale.

As for the model, AUTOart does an exceptional job recreating the elegance of this car in scale.  How easy we forget the golden era of scale model collecting.  Here’s a lesson to those newcomers to the hobby that has only experienced the AUTOart assortment in the last couple of years.  This is a true 360 effort where attention to detail was the cornerstone of most releases and every inch provided some sort of jaw-dropping craftsmanship.

Exterior wise the model is full metal, and full access is provided through each opening.  The paint and decal work is very good as the photos will show.  As for the overall shape, not perfect but pretty darn good!  The small exterior details like hood pins and gas fill are well represented.  Motor detail is extremely good too, well above the norm of today’s standards.  However, you can tell its age with the medieval “dog-leg” style hinge work in front.  This measuring stick is no different in the rear – the hatch is so heavy the struts require support to hold in place (remember those days?).  And sit back and admire that undercarriage respect – there is even a full-metal motor guard in front!

Inside the charming interior excels as well as the exterior side.  The refinement of the little things in the dash and door cards exceeds today’s expectations for the most part.  The use of plastic without the generic look and the textures as found in the single-seat presents details from all angles.  Amazing!

This is what a true 360 effort from AUTOart was.  Are today’s efforts on par, certainly not, but we won’t discount them as a total waste, as they are not. What is missing is the passion that once drove AUTOart to be one of the best in the business.  Offering value, selection and exceptional design.  In the end, folks, educate yourself, don’t be convinced by photos or video alone.  Enjoy the pics!

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17 Responses to "PHOTO GALLERY: AUTOart Ford Sierra RS Cosworth DTM LUI #44"

  1. Tippertruck72 says:

    Thank you for sharing photos, and thoughts. Thanks for time invested. This is helping those reading making their own mind about this wonderful hobby. How it was, how it is and where it goes.

  2. slartibartfast229 says:

    Excellent images of a well respected effort by the old AUTOart. However – this car ran in the DTM support race to the 1989 Nurburgring 24 hours, not in the main event. Also, the whhels are wrong, they should flat disc type Ronal’s – which is a sponsor clearly seen on the bodywork. And the exhaust is also wrong, DTM regulations stipulated a noise limit, so all such cars – including BMW and Mercedes competitiors – used full length rear exiting systems.

    • DS Team says:

      Yes, not perfect, companies still had challenges back in the day. We don’t think that will ever change or improve to near perfection either. But you have to admit the level of detail is extremely good!

  3. Jorge says:

    Amazing model! Thanks for sharing! Really makes me think about some of the models from Autoart that I think look great today, but pales in comparison with this.
    Wish I entered this hobby sooner,

    • DS Team says:

      LOL, it’s not all rubbish today, but definitely pales in comparison to the level of completeness – and the strong-hold of sealed and resin examples that have satisfied most, likely due to price.

      • Jorge says:

        I didn’t say it was, otherwise I wouldn’t be collecting new Autoarts.
        I was more towards how many details and the quality of said details.

        I think the difference between a good model and a great one is in the details and I can see that for example in the Koenigsegg line of Autoarts.

        Price wise and quality wise, this Ford Sierra is a way better proposition considering this wasn’t the high end of Autoart’s back then from what I gather.

        I have two rules when collecting, first it has to be a good replica of the real one in 1:18 and the second that at the very least it has open doors.

        When I see Autoart’s from old they all had 360 openings with great detail, unfortunately today this is not the case, see for example the Lotus 3-Eleven.

        • DS Team says:

          Good points. Each person has their must-haves. Our point is to keep AUTOart honest. Their products are good but most don’t hit the level of execution, or yet, the excitement they once have.

          As for AUTOart path down sealed or semi-sealed models. It actually started well before the Lotus, and well before the resin static parade of today. Back then the voice of collectors was loud, and sales not as attractive. It showed the trend, well for a bit.

          • Jorge says:

            Agreed, viewing reviews from the past one can admire the passion they once had or at the very least, they had a drive to get right, things collectors appreciate.

            Today, unfortunately not so much and while I enjoy some of their models sometimes I think if they put a bit more effort in details, especially better interior’s and engine bay the models would be nearly perfect and a bit more justifiable in the price they ask.

            Thanks for that bit of information, didn’t know. Hope to get more open models in the future and less and less static. In real life petrolheads love to drive their cars and experience, them, not have them sit in a museum. In some regard having static models is what I equate to.

  4. Eduardo Baeta says:

    I have the old Texaco version, like it a lot. Did Autoart had made any improvment in this, new details, things like that?

  5. BA says:

    Not sure if correct, but I think I read once, that this is a “Minichamps”. That Autoart bought the racing Cossies from Minichamps because of cost saving. Anyone else with info on this?

    • DS Team says:

      We can’t confirm this either. But if a brand ever fell from grace more, it would be Minichamps.

    • slartibartfast229 says:

      I have both AUTOart and Minichamps race RS500 models, and there are differences.
      The headlights on the AA are way better, the lower front valance is not as good as on the Minchamps. This is not to rule out any co-operation during the design phase. The best ‘all opening’ RS500 models are now by Biante or Classic Carlectables (Australia).

      • DS Team says:

        Isn’t Binate examples made by AUTOart? Not sure if the same applies to CC.

        • slartibartfast229 says:

          CC stuff appears to be entirely their own efforts (according to their website).
          I don’t know about Biante, I am waiting for their most recent RS500 version to arrive before knowing the answer.

  6. Jean-Marie says:

    We are still waiting for old Mercedes en BMW from Autoart but not this one!!!

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