PHOTO GALLERY: Exoto Custom Porsche 910 •

PHOTO GALLERY: Exoto Custom Porsche 910

I always admired the Exoto Porsche 910, especially their presentation version.  Not really into race cars, but one needs to appreciate the design and styling of this mid-sixties race car.  So what’s the next best thing, commission one to be made.  Most of us know the turbulent history of Exoto.  I’m not going to beat a dead horse again or bore you with the details…  I will say they are the masters of “high-low” pricing in this hobby.  And artificially inflate the value of their products…  As for detail and execution, there is no doubt Exoto is one of the best in the business.  And some will argue they are the best!  It’s there behind the scene business shenanigans that detract from their brand.  Truly a shame.

Back to the model!  I purchased this Porsche 910 from a friend with a box for a couple of hundred bucks (thanks Joey!).  That is Canadian currency (about $150 US).  He claimed it was mint (I only saw the model in photos) but under closer inspection, the model revealed it was riddled with paint rash.  Yes, even Exoto is prone to paint rash!  No problem, move to plan B.  A second friend (thanks Wes!) who is currently passionate about scale model customization was commissioned to execute my vision.  Though the vision was simple, create a Porsche 910 presentation car, Wes has yet to paint an exterior on a model to date, so my car would be his first.  After a few minor issues, the final car was presented.  I loved it!  I think the hardest task for me personally was sourcing the Porsche front emblem, which in the end I found and then removed shortly after installation as I drifted to a more polished look, a badgeless look.

As for the model by Exoto, it is something special, from an era where no details were spared, no matter how small.  Full access with removable front panel (where spare is found) and cockpit roof is included.  Also, the rear up-sweeping hood with holding straps are all welcomed.  Note the attention to detail of the motor, where the use of colour, textures and various materials evolve to create a true masterpiece.  And this Porsche 910 isn’t even Exoto’s best stuff!  This same level of engine detail flows to the underside.  Move to the interior and the same passion is evident here.  Skillful use of colour and textures, it makes the end result truly genuine.  Honestly, this enthusiasm is missing today, where speed to market is more important than the overall results.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. flathead says:

    Great photos and great review. At one point, Exoto was selling these (on sale) for less than $100 a pop, but that was many moons ago.

  2. Steve says:

    Good to hear you mention the shady dealings of this company and how they have ripped off so many people in the past. well said DS

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