PHOTO GALLERY: GT Spirit Chevrolet Corvette C8 •

PHOTO GALLERY: GT Spirit Chevrolet Corvette C8

One of the first manufacturers to replicate the new Chevrolet Corvette C8 is GT Spirit.  This August release finds the OEM Rapid Blue mated to exterior stripping with additional decal work.  Some are still on the fence with the C8’s styling, and we are too.  As for the move to rear motor placement, it was about time.  This one from GT Spirit is a limited edition release of 999 pieces.  GT Spirit also adds a little affordability to the ever-increasing price point within the hobby but this comes at a price, the model is sealed.

As for the model, it is a typical GT Spirit execution.  The paintwork is solid overall, however, we would have foregone the multi-colour stripes over the front fenders.  As for the overall model correctness, it is very good.  Again, the styling of the new C8 is still debated…  Grille work front and rear are crafted with solid bits and the rear, chrome exhaust tips look a little too bulky in appearance.

What can be seen of the motor is decent, and again typical of static representations.  Inside the interior is pleasantly equipped, the odd and bulky centre console is present too along with fabric seat-belt.  No flocking is present here.  If you are in the market for a C8 Corvette replica look into the GT Spirit piece. If Rapid Blue exterior doesn’t work for you there are other colours available too.  Enjoy the pics!

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6 Responses to "PHOTO GALLERY: GT Spirit Chevrolet Corvette C8"

  1. Anthony White says:

    I like it…just may add it to my collection…still hope autoart comes out with one

  2. Pablo says:

    Anybodys idea when Autoart will come out with a C8?
    No space left for fillers at this point in my collection….

  3. I must be honest here. The car does not look that much different than the Maisto model. Yes, I do see the better quality but overall it does not make me jump out of my seat. Yes, you have the detailed brakes, yes.. better-looking interior, but I think the way the car is designed it cannot be improved upon whether more detailed or not it still has the same general, overall look.

  4. Craig says:

    I think it is tragic that the C8 is not given the royal treatment that the C6 was given at it’s release . The 1/12 Hot Wheels was the best “compromise” of cost and detailing and size. The larger scale is breath taking. The paint quality was just fine imho and the interior details with fuzzy carpet, leather feel seats, and more was fantastic. God knows what kind of deal was struck between GM and HotWheels back then. I have six examples altogether between colors and convertible versions/hardtop, and of all my collection from all brands and scales – including autoart, I would never part with the big ones from C6.

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