PHOTO GALLERY: GT Spirit Rimac Nevera •

PHOTO GALLERY: GT Spirit Rimac Nevera

In the modern era of electric vehicles, or more so a supercar-related, to call Mate Rimac a mad genius is likely an understatement.  He and the company Rimac Automobili is a short history from concept to manufacturer, and the ability of the company to branch forward with synergies with battery and related technologies is no small feat.  In short, his Rimac Nevera all-electric hypercar is the fastest and likely most innovative EV car on the planet!

This next model once again comes from GT Spirit.  This is likely part B to the last feature on the GT Spirt and the lovely release, the Nissan R390 “Street Version” we featured earlier this month.  Once again GT Spirit ignites the collector community with another first, the first 1:18 scale Rimac Nevera!  This is resin and sealed effort for those not in the know.  And typically run about $175 CND.  Which is much easier on the wallet than the high-end resin efforts!

Off the bat, the exterior of the Rimac Nevera in Riviera Blue is nothing less than stunning.  The Bluish/Green offers a different balance of hues depending on the lighting.  This is a good thing!  In our opinion, GT Spirit should follow up with the “E-Racing Blue” exterior next!  Overall body lines mirror the original car well. They also continue to complete the static exterior side with perforated grilles in place of solid plastic.  A must in our opinion for static models.

If there was one thing we don’t like, it is the wheel size, though this isn’t a GT Spirit issue, this is tailored to the original spec.  More rubber is likely the result of the incredible acceleration and top speed of the Nevera.  Inside one is treated with a more than capable interior.  GT Spirit nicely replicates most of the major styling points in interior design.  The multi-colour elements of Tan, Black and Silver definitely elevate the look!

The Rimac Nevera is no surprise another win for the brand.  This one is highly recommended and a solid placeholder for those wanting a full-opening version.  Enjoy the pics!


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  1. Atalante says:

    Yes highly recommended. And pictures don’t do justice to the fantastic blue paint.

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