PHOTO GALLERY: Solido McLaren F1 GTR Short Tail "Launch Livery" •

PHOTO GALLERY: Solido McLaren F1 GTR Short Tail “Launch Livery”

The McLaren F1 is a legend in street or race trim.  It has been a number of years since an affordable version of the car was available to collectors, well that wait is over.  Solido has in 2021 will issue a variety of race versions, one of which is the uber-cool McLaren F1 GTR Short Tail “Launch Livery” as presented here.  Those wanting a street-going car will have an option soon, the team plans on releasing the McLaren F1 GTR Short Tail in the iconic Orange Papaya.  This one should come along in early fall 2021.

As for the model, the direction for the exterior livery was to shout out McLaren ’96 F1 GTR, and that it does!  The model does photograph well as the array of photos will show.  The base paint is fair with decals are pressed on top.  All inlets and opening are sealed and access is only provided to the interior side.  What is presented per view of the rear glass of the motor is primitive at best, though expected of an opening price-point brand.  The rear window, just in front of the rear spoiler does provide a glimpse of the inter exhaust workings, again rather basic in design.

The rear spoiler on closer inspection does provide an impression of some carbon fibre work.  But we have to admit the most interesting element of than the colour and exciting livery is the interior.  The neat hinges/doors do allow access to the inside.  Doors on our example would not sit in the open position hence the aid on the plastic access tool (video).  Oh, and for the record, the latest releases by Solido are now shipping with the plastic tool inside – check the rear section of the inner box.  Interior is littered with a number of gadgets and gauges, there is even a hint of carbon fibre on the seat and the also comes equipped with roll-cage.  Not too happy for less than $75 US.  Did we mention she photographs well?  Enjoy the pics!

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5 Responses to "PHOTO GALLERY: Solido McLaren F1 GTR Short Tail “Launch Livery”"

  1. Nima Moj says:

    I bought this for $39 and I’m happy with it. It sits well besides my AUTOart F1 LM and road car. The shape is almost better than UT’s version.

  2. Giorgio262 says:

    What I find particularly striking here is the level of refinement in the door hinges. I mean, for such a cheap model is really impressive that they put such an effort in trying to make nice tiny hinges. On the opposite side of the spectrum the La Ferrari model by Hot Wheels Elite (but I could say the same about the cheaper one by Burago Signature) comes to my mind as an incredibly lazy approach. The interior too, albeit with some mould lines seems pretty rich of details and quite a good starting point if one wants to add a bit of details and remove a few mould lines.

  3. SamtheCat says:

    My biggest concer is wether they’re true to the shape of the real car or not, since I’ve read that the UT and Minichamps aren’t (wrong air intakes, or shapes in general) and some TSM aren’t either (lack of wider wheel arches, etc), as most F1 GTR present changes between themselves. At least at first glance I can see Solido DID change the shape of the roof scoop between this and the Gulf one. And I again applaud every time a budget brand attempts to reproduce carbon fiber with decals instead of molded plastic (ehem Autoart) or just painting in black (ehem GT Spirit).

  4. Patrick Timmermans says:

    As a McLaren F1 fan I buy this and the Gulf version

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