REVIEW: Almost Real Bentley Continental GT3-R •

REVIEW: Almost Real Bentley Continental GT3-R

We’ve been waiting to get our hands on a 1:18 scale replica from this manufacturer ever since they made their first headline here at back in April 2016.  The brand in question is Almost Real.  If you haven’t heard of the them maybe you know them from a manufacturing perspective?   Under Sum’s Model Toys Company they been producing models for a number of years for a number of mainstream brands, the most prolific being Minichamps.

Almost Real’s slogan is “Dreams Get Almost Real”, with a promise of affordable diecast models, high detail, and fully opening specimens you know this brand resonated well with collectors from the onset.

Initial releases focused on 1:43 scale, though nice, the bread and butler is always 1:18. The first of these 1:18 specimens shipped just recently featuring the Land Rover/Range Rover marque.  The models are so good they became a finalist for 2017 Model of the Year (if you haven’t yet voted please do so!).

Our example is the new 1:18, diecast, Bentley Continental GT3-R in White.  Yes we were conservative in our color choice.  The Bentley Continental GT3-R will be offered in an array of colours, some breaking the typical mould.  Which is a goof thing!  Check our news feed for more details.  We purchased our example for $119US, about $145CND.

So how did the brand do?  Read on.  In typical format for any new review from a brand we start with the packaging.  The box for the Bentley Continental GT3-R is long, exactly 15″ in length.  Cardboard material is decorated with various elements and logos.  Typical cautionary bits and information is laced on the bottom.  Inside the model is housed in a safety shell of styrofoam.  Each model comes with ‘Collectable Certification’ and serial #, this model is noted as SN# 0553.

Once free from the styrofoam shell the model presence and hefty weight comes into play.  This is old-school car scale craftsmanship here folks.  For those of you who are new to the hobby you may not understand this.  Since the we’ve seen a massive shift over the last several years from metal to resin modeling – this model brings back a good feeling and smiles off the bat!

Exterior paint is solid throughout.  What is completed exceptionally well is the Green pin stripping and GT3R logos on each side.  Carbon fibre work is very good too; all pieces are clear coded to bring out the high-gloss shine.  Shut-lines and panel gaps are superb for the most part, though the front hood required a little finessing to fit just right.  Overall the shape and stance mirror the 1:1 well.

The front of Bentley Continental GT3-R features a number of nice bits.  Fully perforated grilles are found everywhere.  Headlights are beautifully executed with proper LED surrounds, each provides depth and realism.  Carbon fibre indents on hood are clean and crafted well, though provide no cooling on view to the internals.

The rear of the Bentley Continental GT3-R mirrors the front with clean and flawless execution throughout.  Excellent taillight material elevates the model, also beautifully addressed carbon fibre work on the upper spoiler and lower bumper portion complete the package.

Access to the rear storage is available.  The storage area itself is completed lined in carpeting.   Note the silver finish trim work on the rear sill and the upper section of the hatch is finished too.

Where the model fails slightly is the lack of struts to support the hatch.  The 1:1 actually has supports in check.  Operation of the hood on our example does work relatively well, though it does require little more than the normal pressure to open of close.

A 4.0l V8 powers the Bentley Continental GT3-R and with most modern cars much of the detail is hidden with various covers and what not.  Almost Real’s version is on point for the most part.  We do like the layer affect of the covers due to the finish work with the carbon fibre material.

Painted elements are few and far between based on images we reviewed of the 1:1.  Almost Real was very close.  Nothing huge, but they missed out on a perfect mark for a few items they choose to leave unpainted.  Boo!

Note the use of hood struts and hinges on each side.  Something we did not see on the rear.  Also the clean finish work on the back side of the hood.  Well done!

Moving to the wheels the team at Almost Real keeps us impressed.  Calipers are painted in Emerald Green and feature the Bentley script.  Rotors are nicely crafted too; they excel with nicely detailed inner working which moves into the metal cross-drilled pattern.

Wheels are painted in a Glossy Black with Bentley logo in check.  The entire package works well and is on par with the likes of AUTOart and GT Spirit.  These brands usually set the benchmark.

The interior of the Almost Real Bentley Continental GT3-R even gets better!  Where do we start!?!  I don’t think we’ve since this level of detail on any mid-price brand to date.  The seats and doors cards feature the lovely quilted pattern.  Using the Green stitching along with the curved fabric-like material Almost Real literally provides a 3D image.  Also the seats are adjustable – by pushing forward and back the seats will side on the rail.  Amazing!

The carbon fibre accents bits found on the dash elements and doors is exceptional.  They even included the cooling vents in the upper door portion.  Nuts!  Dash and centre console buttons and various instrument cluster elements all are heavily detailed in chrome and silver.  The quilted pattern even extends to the rear where it is mated to full carpeting that extends to the front.

All this praise and no negatives?  Well, our example has some challenges with a sticky driver side door.   Seems the alignment was slightly off on the rear quarter glass.  A little finessing and we seem to have corrected the problem.

It was a long wait to finally see and touch a specimen from Almost Real.  The model did measure up on all accounts and promises from the team.  The Bentley Continental GT3-R does come highly recommended folks. This is what scale model collecting is all about!  It definitely could have been a contender for 2017 Model of the Year.

At this price point ($119US) and at this level of detail the value here is ten fold.  Dare we say this was AUTOart back in the glory days, when attention to detail was paramount.  I’m sure recent offerings from Almost Real are making the mainstream re-think their value proposition.  In our opinion if the brand continues down this path and provides a good assortment of models they will continually and gladly gain market share.  If their current portfolio or should be say catalogue is any indication there are many good things to come.  Dreams do get Almost Real.  Enjoy the pics!

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24 Responses to "REVIEW: Almost Real Bentley Continental GT3-R"

  1. Alex says:

    This is really lovely! I will be adding one of these to my collection for sure!

  2. Just received mine today. Beautiful model. Almost real is definitely on my up and coming manufactures I will support. Looking forward to the future releases.

  3. awhk says:

    Wow… Amazing detail and finish for such price point. Definitely getting one.

  4. Robert says:

    Incredible bang for the buck! Very interesting indeed. Make some American subjects and I’ll be there with money in my hand!

  5. Star Lord says:

    How many units they built? 1000, 5000, 10000? If they are limited, it´s a problem to wait for a better prize…

    Want one in White, and one violet

  6. DS Team says:

    ** UPDATE ** We just discovered the front seats are adjustable too! They slide on rail on a back and forth motion. Very cool!

  7. Karsten says:

    Will there be an apple green one as announced on DS earlier?

      • Karsten says:

        I´ve bought the white one now, because I heard Bentley only made the GT3R in this colour. I´d like to add that the exhaust pipes are impressively delicate and must be made from metal to achieve this. Great! I love the model. I only disagree about the taillights: The reflectors underneath the red are somewhat bleak, no attempt to recreate the LED pattern. But in all other respects absolutely great and excellent value for the money. Again, I´d feel stupid if I had prematurely bought the closed body GT Spirit.

  8. Scott says:

    For ths price point impressive to say the least, with out question baseed on the excellent review ALMOST REAL will be the one to contend with in the future, other manufacturers take note.

  9. Chall says:

    So much respect for this manufacturer. When the Zondas finally come, my catch-phrase will be “take my money.”

    Joking aside, I really wonder what they’re doing to get to this level of detail at this price point.

    Is there a chance decastsociety could get a hole of the company for a Q&A about their manufacturing process?

  10. RogerLodge says:

    This is great to read! I miss the old Autoart and hope very much for a replacement since they seem content to stick to their devolved plastic models with Bburago-like engine detailing.

    I am a little skeptical about future releases though. Remember Minikraft who produced that great Audi RS7 over a year ago and we all had the same hopes for them? Well, so far nothing much (other than a Kia)

    Anyway, great work Almost Real! I wish you luck and hope you guys can break this hobby out of it’s current funk.

  11. Alex says:

    Bought a white one last week. Hopefully will arrive this week! can’t wait!

  12. Vitaliy says:

    Basically, nice model, but not more. I do agree that the exterior is good, especially grilles at the front are _very_ good, as well as the green stitching on the black interior, – but let me tell what is _not_ good.

    1. The engine details – it is unfortunately at the level of 1:43 models. As well as in 1:18 Minichamps’ Continental GTC. Come on, even the old 1:18 AutoArt Peugeot 206 WRC (which I’ve bought for the cheap price of today’s 1:43 models) has better engine details! And, guys, I want to ask you: how many years have passed since that AutoArt’s model – and how could it be that today’s model’s engine details are not better?

    2. The suspension of the front wheels is acceptable, but what did they invent for the rear ones? Why this, why not something like 1:18 AutoArt or 1:18 Minichamps do? Also, the exhaust pipes and the cardan shaft were better in 1:18 Minichamps’ Bentley Continental GTC.

    3. The steering wheel – all its small details are just flat paintings instead of real 3D details, it just does not look serious. The steering wheel was much better in 1:18 Minichamps’ Bentley Continental GTC.

    So, basically, what I’m trying to say: this model is indeed _mostly_ better than the other Continental GT models, but it is _not_ the _best_ since it misses some important points that were better in already existing models.

  13. Incredible , I have never seen an outpouring like the one I’ve been reading , or at least I don’t remember one !! Anyway they’re not alone ……I too just received my Bentley . I ordered mine in that Wild like Raspberry purple maroon ,I was attracted to it from the 1st moment I saw it. Then as I did research on the marque “Almost Real” I realized I’d come upon something new and well above average as companies go…….. I’m always looking for colors that will brighten the palette of my collection. I own so many red Ferrari’s, silver Merc’s, and white everything’s . SO , when I see an unusual color ,if it appeals to me I go for it . When the car arrived I couldn’t believe just how well it was packed . When I finally got in hand it felt solid and heavy , shut lines tight enough to almost look like resin shut creases…….Those who’ve read my comment’s before know I can sometimes be a bit long winded , this time I’m just going to say that the Bentley was extremely impressive . I only found 2 faults . The molding at the bottom of the body on both sides was poorly glued and while handling the car (carefully I might add) they both came loose at the rear of the body. They did not come off however, and using “Elmer’s” white glue, they were easily reattached. I also noticed the reflective mirror piece had come out of shell on the passenger side, unless found I’ll have to repair it with chrome tape……Don’t get me wrong, I love the piece and at the current price point I will try to buy more , either 1 or both Rovers which I think are excellent as well…….but in the face of all the positive observations I wanted to add a note of trouble based in truth !….That said I won’t thoroughly further discuss the Bentley till I’ve had it a while and honestly assessed all aspects of its qualities which I really do feel are except for some very limited issues VERY POSITIVE !! It’s really my hope that ” Almost Real” as a manufacturer maintains the really high standard that they have taken their 1st steps with, and maintain their current prices mixed with the quality they’ve achieved. I must admit that is a worry I have , that things this good tend to not last……..I’m praying though, because aside from the obvious “Great Product at Great Price” as someone else commented this company could do much to move the hobby in a good direction ! Soooo, That’s me being brief ?? Oh well……….

    • Ben says:

      I’m interested to know what it is that Michael has observed – a note of trouble based in truth! I have ordered this car in that purple or Magenta colour for no other reason than to discover what the fuss with AR is all about

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